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Prevent infarction will help simulators

31 May 2016, 11:00

According to scientists, with various diseases of the heart and blood vessels, exercises on simulators that help to "pump up" muscles will help reduce the risk of death. At the medical research center of the medical school in California, a team of specialists used a new technique that helped to assess the density of tissues more accurately. Previously measured the resistance of the body to electric current, now scientists have used dual X-ray absorptiometry. Also, researchers from the Medical School analyzed research data from 1999-2004, in which changes in health, nutrition of more than 6 thousand people with cardiovascular diseases were noted .

All scientists were divided into several groups according to body structure (thin, full, inflated, etc.), all scientists identified 4 types of muscle / fat ratio and as a result it was found that people with a high level of muscle mass and a small amount of fat less likely to die from cardiovascular diseases.  

It is generally accepted that the risk of death in cases of neurological, cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus increases with an excess of BMI, i.е. With obesity, but over the past decades, scientists have revealed that in real life in critical situations, full people have more chances to survive. This phenomenon is commonly called the "paradox of obesity", i.e. With a large BMI, the risk of death is significantly reduced, contrary to popular belief.

A study by Californian experts confirms that it is more important for health to maintain muscle mass (exercise, go to gyms, etc.), and not at all to lose extra pounds with various diets.

At the Harvard Research Center, scientists also studied factors that affect longevity, and found that the countryside helps extend life by 12%. According to specialists in the city, people have a higher death rate from cancer and respiratory diseases, while people living outside the city die from these diseases much less often. According to scientists, rural people lead a more active lifestyle and are protected from noise pollution, which also affects life expectancy. Nature helps to prevent the development of depression and improves mental well-being, first of all, it is connected with isolation (in comparison with urban residents, rural people are more in contact with nature than with people).

It should be noted that far from the city noise, in the countryside, in the country, etc. A person regains not only physical, but also mental state, but at Harvard were surprised how much life on nature affects a person.

According to Peter James, one of the authors of the study, outdoor recreation improves the mental state, but life in "green" conditions helps prolong life. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay due attention to gardening and creating more healthy places for human habitation. Plants not only help to capture carbon dioxide, but mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce the harmful effects of sewage.

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Portnov Alexey Alexandrovich

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