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Olive oil reduces the likelihood of a heart attack

10 December 2014, 09:00

Mediterranean olive oil is a simple and effective way to improve heart function and reduce the likelihood of a heart attack.

At the universities of Portugal and the UK, experts came to the conclusion that the probability of developing a heart attack can be reduced in just one and a half months by only consuming a small amount of olive oil every day. As tests and tests have shown, after the addition of olive oil in the diet, the work of chemical signals improves, which reduces the likelihood of coronary heart disease.

About 20 ml of olive oil (4 teaspoons) a day is the necessary dose for an adult to support the work of the heart, oil can be added to salads or simply moistened with a small piece of bread.

The oil effect was tested on volunteers who did not use olive oil before.

All participants in the experiment were divided into 2 groups, each group consumed 20 ml of olive oil with a low or high level of phenolic compounds within one and a half months. Scientists believe that the benefit of the oil lies precisely in its phenolic compounds. Six weeks later, specialists analyzed the urine of volunteers. Scientists expected to find in the urine peptides, which are produced as a result of the breakdown of proteins and are associated with heart disease. These peptides are biomarkers that allow the development of the disease to be determined before the onset of the first symptoms.

It was the presence of these peptides in urine in volunteers that allowed scientists to establish that olive oil reduced the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

And in the first and second group of specialists noted a decrease in the level of peptides, a change in other indicators were not recorded.

In addition to phenols, olive oil contains omega-6 fatty acids, which reduce pressure, optimize the ratio of harmful and healthy fats in the body, prevents reactions to inflammation in chronic diseases (heart disease, arthritis).

The advantages of oil from the Mediterranean olive have been known for a long time. Recent studies in this field have shown that oil contributes to the more effective work of the heart muscle by improving the flow of blood, in addition, the use of oil has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system as a whole.

At the University of Illinois, a team of specialists identified in the oil an oleate - a compound that makes it possible to work more efficiently.

A healthy organ absorbs fat, continuing contractions. Because of heart failure, the heart is not able to process and store fat, which leads to a lack of energy and accumulation of harmful fat in the body, which clogs the blood vessels.

Usually heart failure suppresses the activity of genes responsible for the production of the enzyme for fat breakdown.

Their studies were carried out in rats, where the reaction of the heart of animals to oleate and palmitate found in dairy products and animal fats was revealed.

After introduction of oleate animals into the body, scientists noted that the heart work became more effective, and after animal fat, cardiac activity, on the contrary, worsened, in addition, the release of toxic fat.

Some research data indicate that olive oil acts as statins, reducing the likelihood of developing a heart attack, and oil helps prevent obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

Last update: 30.05.2018
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