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15 April 2016, 10:00

Women live longer, while the country of residence does not play a special role, on average in the world women live about 80 years, while men for 5 years less. But, according to scientists, the duration and quality of life concepts are completely different, and women, despite the fact that they live longer, are subject to various age-related diseases, which undoubtedly affects their quality of life. Among women, diseases such as dementia, arthritis, fragility of bones are prevalent, so they with clones lead a less active lifestyle, compared to men of the same age.  

To such conclusions came the researchers from the University of Michigan under the leadership of Vicky Friedman. Scientists analyzed data from national surveys of elderly people in the US (from age 65), which were conducted in different years, beginning in 1982. The goal of scientists was to find out the tendency of age-related violations and incapacity among older Americans. Experts have found out that these or those diseases influenced a person's ability to perform everyday activities, for example, go shopping, prepare food or even get out of bed.

Scientists have found that since 1982, both in women and men, the level of physical disability has declined, but since 2004, there has been stability among the male half of the population, and an increase in the incidence of disability among women. Researchers can not now explain the reasons for the changes, but suggest that this is due to the fact that women live longer than men and are more prone to age-related diseases.

Scientists note that men and women in old age suffer from various diseases, in addition, the latest achievements of science and medicine were more focused on the treatment of diseases from which men were more likely to die. For example, in the United States, one of the main causes of death among men are cardiovascular diseases, but over the past decade the mortality rate from CHD has decreased by almost 40%. Scientists note that this is primarily due to increased control of cholesterol, blood pressure, a reduction in the number of smokers, and a higher level of medical care (for example, in the US, ECG results are transmitted to the hospital directly from an ambulance).

Women are more likely than men to suffer from arthritis because of physiology, heredity, hormonal surges, and women are more likely to develop osteoarthritis and are more likely to have surgery for joint replacement.  

On the basis of research, scientists note that the quality of life plays a much greater role than the number of lived years, so doctors and scientists should pay attention not so much to life expectancy as to improving the quality of life of elderly patients and providing quality medical care that will improve physical condition of people older than 65 years.

According to experts, if we now pay more attention to the problems of elderly patients that lead to physical disability, we can not only improve the quality of life of this category of the population, but also extend the active life position among the elderly.

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