Erectile dysfunction shortens life

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Last reviewed: 20.05.2018

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18 January 2016, 09:00

At the State Research University of Oxford, the research team stated that the life span of a man is related to the functioning of his sexual organ. As the scientists noted, with various kinds of erectile dysfunctions, the cardiovascular system is disrupted, and this, in turn, affects a man's health, can cause heart attack, stroke, and premature death.

To such conclusions, scientists came after a series of experiments. American researchers believe that the life of a man depends on the functioning of the male sexual organ. Scientists during their studies found that a bad erection, impotence and other, even minor disturbances in the genitals work affects the work of the heart and lead to malfunctions in the entire cardiovascular system. As a result, even at a young age, men can develop deadly diseases, such as a heart attack or stroke.

In addition, according to the academic group, various troubles in this area provoke a man's self-doubt, while failure on the love front can even cause severe depression. Any violation of erection can lead to isolation, detachment from the female, especially in the intimate sense. Scientists emphasize that the earlier a man's problems with male health appeared, the more likely a depressive disorder, in addition, the more a man thinks about his problem, the more he experiences, and the more he suffers from his general condition. 

Currently, in many countries, there are some abnormalities among men in penis work, only in the United States about 18 million men suffer from a lack of desire for sexual intercourse with women, among them more than 9 million already have heart and vascular problems.

Based on the research, experts recommend that all men take a more careful approach to their health, and if there are any problems in sexual life, do not hesitate to seek qualified medical help, because their life depends on it, in the long run.

Men really should take care of their own health, because in Australia, Dr. Jenny Graves said that on our planet, men can be attributed to an endangered species and in a few million years they simply will not become a biological species. Dr. Graves made her findings after she studied the properties of the male sex chromosome and she was extremely weak and vulnerable.  

Any negative impact on it can affect the existence of men on earth. Graves also noted that the female chromosome possesses more healthy genes, of which there are at least a thousand. Previously, in the male sex chromosome, there were the same number of healthy genes, but during the existence of people for a number of reasons, the Y-genes began to weaken and today there are less than a hundred of them in the chromosome.

It turns out that after a while the boys will be born less and less, while the number of girls will grow rapidly. According to the scientist, the Y-chromosome is alone, and it is not able to correct the situation, that is, the extinction of men on the planet is inevitable.

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