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Eggs will help prevent diabetes mellitus

11 May 2016, 10:30

Eggs (other than crude) absorbed by the body almost completely. It is known that eggs have cholesterol, which are conducted over a long debate in the scientific community, various studies confirm or refute the use of eggs for human beings. In a recent research conducted at the University of Finland, it was found that men who weekly eat 4 eggs, 37% lower risk of diabetes of the second type, the diet (the amount of consumption of fruits and vegetables), bad habits physical activity does not have much value.

In the new study were involved 2000 volunteers aged 42 to 60 years. By the way, the experiment lasted for 20 years, during which the researchers recorded any changes in the health of the study participants. During observations of diabetes developed in 430 persons. Particular attention is paid Scientists volunteers diet food, and after analyzing it was noticed that 4 eggs a week can help reduce the risk of developing this dangerous disease by almost 40%.

Also, experts noted that a similar effect can be observed only at representatives of a strong half of humanity, what it involves and why eggs behave differently on men and women, scientists still can not answer.

The team noted that the eggs are somewhat different from all other products and, above all, as already mentioned, eggs (other than crude) absorbed 98%, but many tend to believe that cholesterol contained in eggs, is extremely harmful to health and the try to remove this product from your diet.

Nutritionists point out that cholesterol is not a danger to health and even on the contrary, it helps our cardiovascular system.

Expert studies from different research centers have shown that dairy products with high fat content, the meat of any fat increase the risk of developing diabetes, while eggs on the contrary, lower. Contained in eggs nutrients improves glucose uptake, and reduce minor inflammation. Especially eggs are useful for men's health - this tasty and healthy product that contains a minimum of fat and a maximum of nutrients promotes the natural increase of potency (to enhance virility should eat 1 raw egg per day).

Favor of eggs proved and American experts - in their studies, the results of which a few months ago in one of the scientific publications have been published, the researchers found that the development of cardiovascular disease and eating eggs is not connected. Of course, it is not recommended, as well as any other product to abuse eggs - 2 per day will have no effect on cholesterol levels, blood circulation, body weight and blood pressure.

Limit consumption of eggs should be people with type 2 diabetes, because in this case increases the risk of heart disease.

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