Eggs will help prevent diabetes mellitus

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11 May 2016, 10:30

Eggs (except raw) are absorbed by our body almost completely. It is known that in eggs there is cholesterol, about which there are long disputes in scientific circles, various studies confirm or refute the use of eggs for a person. In a recent study conducted at the University of Finland, it was found that men who eat 4 eggs a week are 37% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes, while diet (amount of fruit and vegetable consumption), bad habits , physical activity did not matter much.

The new study involved 2,000 volunteers aged 42 to 60 years. By the way, the experiment lasted for 20 years, during which the scientists recorded any changes in the health status of the participants in the study. In the course of observations, diabetes developed in 430 people. Scientists paid special attention to the diet of volunteers, and after analyzing it was observed that 4 eggs a week help to reduce the risk of developing this dangerous disease by almost 40%.

Also, experts noted that this effect is observed exclusively among representatives of the strong half of humanity, with what it is related and why the eggs act differently for men and women, scientists can not yet answer.

The team of scientists noted that eggs have some differences from all other products, and above all, as already mentioned, eggs (excluding raw) are absorbed by 98%, but many are inclined to believe that cholesterol contained in eggs is extremely harmful to health and try to exclude this product from their diet.

Nutritionists note that such cholesterol does not pose a health hazard, and on the contrary, it helps our cardiovascular system.

Studies of experts from different scientific centers have shown that dairy products with high fat content, meat of any fat content increase the risk of diabetes, while eggs on the contrary, reduce. Contained in chicken eggs, nutrients improve the absorption of glucose and help reduce minor inflammatory processes. Especially chicken eggs are useful for men's health - this tasty and healthy product, containing a minimum of fats and a maximum of nutrients, contributes to a natural increase in potency (in order to strengthen the male strength, one must eat one raw egg a day).

The benefit of eggs was also proved by American experts - in their studies, the results of which were published several months ago in one of the scientific publications, the scientists established that the development of cardiovascular diseases and the consumption of eggs are not interrelated. Of course, it is not recommended, like any other product, to abuse eggs - 2 pieces per day will not have any effect on cholesterol, blood circulation, body weight and blood pressure.

Restrict the consumption of eggs should people with type 2 diabetes, since in this case the risk of developing heart diseases increases.

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