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Doctors do not know how to cure dependence on marijuana

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 20.05.2018
18 July 2016, 10:20

Marijuana or cannabis is a psychoactive drug that is made from some cannabis species. Recently, there are more and more marijuana dependent people in the world, despite the fact that experts do not classify cannabis as a narcotic drug and note a lower degree of dependence on it, compared with heavier drugs or potent substances.  

In recent studies, scientists have found that medicine at this stage of development is not able to help people with addiction to marijuana, because there simply are no effective drugs that help cope with the bad habit.

The problem was discussed at a conference held at the Canadian State University. Specialists noted that among the lovers of marijuana there are quite "unexpected symptoms". Studies show that substances that are contained in cannabis cause excitation and a decrease in control over impulses, up to complete loss. To solve a similar problem, scientists developed a drug that showed good results in clinical trials.

The first studies of the new drug showed that among people who use marijuana, the percentage of those who combined it with other synthetic substances that are more dangerous to health decreased. In addition, the new tool allowed to reduce by 10% the amount of addicts from marijuana.

According to one of the specialists who participated in the new study, there is now an increase in people with addiction to marijuana in the world, but in medical centers they simply do not know how they can be helped. It is for this purpose that scientists have developed a new drug that can help people who want to get rid of addiction.

At the University of Texas, scientists found out what causes dependence on marijuana, as it turned out cannabis is a full-fledged drug, although a number of specialists do not recognize it as such. In Texas, a team of researchers found that marijuana has the same properties as other drugs. During the experiments it was proved that prolonged smoking of herbs causes the same changes in the brain as with the regular use of heavier drugs. Also, experts have established that smoke from cannabis causes a strong dependence, and with the systematic use of marijuana, certain zones of the brain, in particular, the zone responsible for pleasure, are activated. In the experiments it was found that if a person is shown a picture of drugs or directly drugs, there appears a persistent desire to consume them.

By the way, another research group from Colombia, who also studied the effects of marijuana on the human body, concluded that smoking herbs increases the risk of addiction to other, heavier drugs and alcohol.

Therefore, a new drug, developed by Canadian specialists, appeared just in time and could well be the beginning to develop more effective means for relieving dependence on cannabis.

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Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal substance. With prolonged use of marijuana may develop a mental dependence, physical dependence is expressed very little Read more..

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