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06 June 2016, 09:45

The American Osteopathic Association conducted an interesting study, during which it was found that meat lovers live less than those who for one reason or another refused to eat meat products.

According to experts, the risk of early death increases among those who every day consume meat and processed meat products (sausages, ham, sausages, etc.). To such conclusions, scientists came after a large-scale study, in which more than 1.5 million people took part.

Experts note that vegetarian food contributes to the prolongation of life for several years, but the effect is observed only after long-term observance of such a diet - for several years.

In a magazine recently a group of specialists published an article in which the authors analyzed several studies evaluating the effect of diet on longevity. Specialists noted that the main purpose of the analysis is to provide physicians with evidence on the basis of which they can recommend to their patients a vegetarian menu or, at the very least, the maximum restriction on the consumption of meat, especially red meat, and meat products.

This study confirms the long-known fact that our diet and the foods we eat are very important to our health and can directly affect the duration of our lives. Clinically confirmed data will help doctors to convey to their patients the important role of dietary nutrition and the feasibility of a vegetarian diet.

It should be noted that osteopathic medicine refers to the alternative, the primary cause of the development of the disease, the osteopaths consider violations of structural-anatomical relations between parts of the body and organs.

In analyzing data on population and life expectancy, scientists noted that when the meat and meat products were included in the ration, the mortality schedule began to rise sharply - scientists received such data in 2014, after the study participants added processed meat products to their diet ( beef, lamb, salami, bacon, sausages, hot dogs, etc.).

According to some data from 2014, eating meat and meat products increases the risk of early death from vascular and heart disease.

In a large-scale study, it was found that processed meat products are the cause of a sharp increase in mortality among the population, since they can cause a number of diseases. For example, in 2003, mortality among the population was almost half that, and scientists suggest that the main reason for the increase in life was the decrease in the diet of test subjects the amount of meat and products from it. According to the academic group conducting the analysis of the studies, all the results have a statistical similarity.

Analysts say that the vegetarian menu can increase the average life expectancy by 3.6 years, but to achieve this result, it is necessary to give up meat for 17 years.

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