Beijing continues to suffocate

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Last reviewed: 16.05.2018

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28 November 2016, 09:00

In China, the environmental situation continues to deteriorate, in Beijing authorities have already announced a "yellow" level of threat. According to forecasts, this autumn and winter, the Pekingans will have to survive the strongest in the history of smog. In late October, the north-eastern part of China was in the grip of polluted air. After the introduction of the "yellow" level of danger, many enterprises limited their work, and all construction projects in the city were completely stopped. The authorities strongly recommend residents to spend as little time on the street, and in the open air to protect the respiratory system.

All efforts undertaken by the authorities to combat smog are not sufficient, for example, from time to time the number of cars on the streets of the city is limited, but the ecological situation does not change for the better. The number of cars in Beijing, despite some restrictions, continues to increase, so for 15 years their number has tripled. In the current situation, the authorities intend to reduce the growth of cars in the city, the municipal transport commission has already announced that by 2018 the number of new license plates issued will be reduced by 50,000. The last time such restrictions were introduced 3 years ago, which affected the level of sales of new cars, which was halved. Such restrictions entailed the cancellation of lotteries and auctions, for which it was possible to win a license plate.

Also, the Beijing authorities plan to confront the smog with the help of fans of huge sizes. In the city, several main and minor aired corridors with a width of 500 and 80 m will be built. According to the authorities, the corridors will help to cope with the polluted air in the capital, but they have not been informed about the timing and how this project will be implemented. It is assumed that huge fans will blow out dirty air from the capital of China. By the way, such an attempt to fight smog in the capital caused a negative reaction among residents of the areas adjacent to Beijing, in particular, bloggers began to actively criticize this attempt to fight smog. 

The level of pollution in Beijing is increasing every year, for the first time ever the "red" level of danger was announced last year, because of which all educational institutions in the capital stopped working. According to environmental centers in Beijing, 20% more airborne particles are hazardous to health (compared to WHO standards). 

By the way, the residents of the capital promises to clear the city of smog and influence the ecological situation are skeptical. As bloggers note, the authorities 'active struggle with traffic jams does not lead to anything, the same situation is observed with treatment - the authorities' promise to facilitate the procedure for writing to a doctor and make treatment more accessible remains a promise. According to bloggers, it will also be smog.

In Beijing today, the number of cancer patients continues to increase . And in the city, residents actively buy bottles that contain clean air from the Canadian lakes, by the way, it is expensive enough - 13-23 dollars per bottle (the price varies depending on the volume of the bottle), but some resellers resell air 3 times more expensive .

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