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According to doctors, Ukraine has no future

24 October 2013, 09:21

According to doctors, our country has no future, as the younger generation has serious health problems. Our children are much more painful than we were, and we, in turn, are weaker than our parents who survived the horrors of the post-war years. The TRP standards, which we still passed at school, now can not stand more than half of the schoolchildren. We blame everything on the Chernobyl disaster, the deteriorating ecology, food additives, etc. Etc. We almost do not remember that in our childhood there were no computers, telephones, we did not watch much TV (because there were rarely cartoons there). As a child, we mainly played outdoor games on the street. We talked live. Leisure of modern children is the exchange of messages right from the door, they prefer virtual communication to the real one. The country was shocked by the death of children in physical education classes. After these cases, the Ministry of Health decided that it was necessary to change the school program for physical training. Now schoolchildren can not attend physical education classes without Ruthier's test.

According to experts in the field of health, in our country is very bad situation with the recovery, almost half of Ukrainian children with low health. Each year, about five thousand children are born with congenital heart disease. 40% of them have a critical condition and they need urgent help, without which the kids will not live until their first birthday. Today 52 thousand children are registered with a cardiologist, they should always be closely watched not only by the attending physician, but also by the teacher in the kindergarten, the teacher at the school, the district therapist. The small heart defects to which these children are exposed can at any moment develop into more serious ones, then the heart simply will not withstand a great deal of stress.

When deaths occurred in physical education classes in Ukraine, a special group was set up in the ministry, which was to determine the criteria by which schoolchildren were assigned for physical training. Gennady Apanasenko, the chief sanologist of the Ministry of Health, who, in Soviet times, worried about the decline in children's health, suggested a method developed by him, according to which the state of the student's health would be assessed. Apanasenko's method gives a complete picture of the possibilities of the child's organism. But the Ministry of Health rejected it as too expensive. From the proposed methodology, only the Ruthier index was taken, according to which the frequency of cardiac strokes is recorded before and after squats. But even such a simple test, at first glance, is not entirely correct. Doctors do not take into account the age characteristics of the child's body. For children of primary school age, the norm is 100 beats per minute, for the older - 60-67 beats. As a result, children of lower grades often appear in the risk group, even those who are engaged in sports sections.

There are no pills that helped to improve the level of health, this requires adequate physical activity. Gennady Apanasenko believes that the reason for the death of children in the lesson of physical education is the excess of the capabilities of their body. One can not reduce the load, since the degradation of the body is inevitable. Without movement, muscle atrophy occurs. The level of physical activity for each child should be selected individually. The professor appealed to the Minister of Education about the fact that assessing the health of students should not according to the passed standards, but on the dynamics of the level of health, but the answer was not received.

Children grow every year, the skeleton grows, and without physical exertion the muscles remain at the same level, with every year there is a weakening of muscle tissue. Because of poorly developed muscles, blood circulation is disrupted, as a result, tissues do not receive the proper nutrition. As a result, various diseases. During the year, taking into account the growth of the child, physical activity should be adjusted, children should be able to breathe properly while doing the exercises. Over time, subject to the performance of exercises (including respiratory exercises), the child will recover all the functions of the body, his health level will increase significantly. Children should develop, both psychologically and physically, only in this case, it is possible to prevent the inevitable death of a nation.

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