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Frigidity is a sexual dysfunction that has a lot of reasons. Consider the types of this disorder, its causes, methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The absence or decrease of sexual desire is found both in women and men, but most often it affects the fair sex. There are four types of this ailment, depending on the causes of their causes, consider them:

  • Symptomatic form - occurs as a result of a violation of sensitivity. This can be caused by regular poisoning with heavy metals or narcotic substances, lesions of the spinal cord or central nervous system. Most often manifested as acute painful sensations during intercourse. Depression, depressed state and sexually transmitted diseases also cause problems in bed.
  • Retardation form - is a physiological condition, which is characterized by lateness of libido. Since these processes are individual for each person, it is impossible to establish the exact age of sexual attraction in girls and boys. This type of violation occurs by itself.
  • The constitutional form - is expressed as underdevelopment of psychosexual qualities. In this case, all organs and systems work normally, but they are not able to get an orgasm at sexual intimacy.
  • Psychogenic form - appears because of the negative influence of psychological factors. Maybe both leaving and coming.

What does the word frigidity mean?

So, in translation from Latin it is coldness, but in medicine it is interpreted as a complete or partial absence of an intimate attraction. According to statistics, every third woman has never experienced an orgasm in her life and about the same number of women do not feel attracted to men.

The disorder manifests itself in different ways and can change its symptoms in the same woman over time. Typically, this is discomfort during sex, when a woman refers to intimacy as a duty, that is, tolerates a partner. Some experience a pleasant sensation, but orgasm does not arise, which forms the breakdown of sexual life. Frigidity in many ways depends on the sexual partner, his patience, tact and attention. Ignorance of erogenous zones, poor conditions or an incorrect position, can discourage the desire of intimacy, forming the makings of a violation.

The causes of frigidity

The causes of frigidity in most cases are associated with psychological factors. The disorder can be true and imaginary. In the first case, this lack of desire for intimacy and sexual reactions, which do not depend on the desire of the patient. Most often there is an imaginary form of a disorder that occurs against the background of physiological and psychological problems.

Factors provoking sexual coldness:

  • Abuse of narcotic and alcoholic substances.
  • Mental traumas (rape, treason, jealousy).
  • Fear of intimacy on the background of unwanted pregnancy.
  • Physical aversion to a partner and pain during sex.
  • Emotional detachment during intimacy.
  • Increased emphasis on the lack of orgasm.
  • Physical and mental overstrain.
  • Depressive disorders, restlessness, infectious and gynecological diseases.
  • Hormonal and endocrine disorders.
  • Congenital malformations of genital organs (insufficiency of blood filling of venous plexuses, underdevelopment of pelvic floor muscles).

Psychological frigidity

It occurs against the background of psychogenic factors inhibiting sexual activity. It can be wrong sexual education or its lack, fear of unwanted pregnancy, depression, experienced violence, disappointment or disgust for the elect, excessive restraint and fear. With this form of disturbance, there are violations in the passage of the nerve impulse, which, when excited, passes to the desired part of the brain and causes a contraction of the muscular system, that is, orgasm.

All attention is focused on one's own thoughts and fears, which breaks the nerve impulse and nullifies the possibility of getting an orgasm. The absence of a sexual attraction can be provoked by the actions of a partner. For example, a man's mistakes in relation to a woman cause her symptoms of this violation. This is a reluctance to listen to a partner. As you can see, there are a lot of causes of the disease, but the only thing worth knowing is that sexual problems are not the norm and require medical care.

Nymphomaniac frigidity

It is a sexual coldness, in which the sensual relations arising at the beginning of the sexual act, but not ending with orgasm, are vividly expressed. Against this background, there is discontent with the sexual partner and a vain search for more suitable. The lack of orgasm is associated with a delay in puberty and psychosexual development. That is, the craving for the opposite sex is immature and can stop at the erotic or platonic stage.

Symptoms and duration of nymphomaniac disorder are clearly pronounced and hidden. That is, this decrease in the brightness of sensations or the complete lack of attraction. The most difficult case of this ailment is an increased intimate attraction and the inability to enjoy even with prolonged stimulation. This type does not affect reproductive functions.

Symptoms of frigidity

Symptoms manifest themselves in different ways and depend on the type of disorder. But the first and obvious sign of ailment is the lack of orgasm and a decrease in interest in intimacy. Symptomatology is individual for every man and woman. In some, this is expressed as hostility to sexual intercourse and attitude towards it as the performance of marital duties. Others can not get the full range of sensations from a partner or can not be liberated to receive satisfaction. Oppression, attempts to interrupt intimacy and exclusion at the most important moment, also refer to manifestations of sexual abuse.

Absence of orgasm and other symptoms of sexual collusion adversely affect the health of both partners. Especially on the mental state, provoking frequent headaches, irritability nervousness and even premature aging. For a man, this is fraught with impotence and urological diseases. To solve this problem you need to talk openly with your partner. This will allow you to be liberated and enjoy the closest possible.

Frigidity of a woman

The woman's frigidity has many causes and factors that provoke her appearance. In this case, special attention is paid to the mechanism of the disease. Sexual coldness can have two mechanisms - it's functional and organic.

  • Organic occurs as a result of injuries and diseases of intimate organs, in which orgasm is simply impossible, but such cases are rare.
  • The functional mechanism is based on disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system. A healthy person receives signals to the brain, which indicate the effect on the erogenous zones and cause a reduction in the musculature of the genital organs. But with a functional type, this mechanism is broken. For example, if a woman has a lower level of sex hormones, then she does not have a desire for sexual intimacy. A similar problem is encountered by newly-born and pregnant women, as the body produces hormones responsible for maintaining the functions necessary for feeding and bearing.

In order to get rid of sexual dysfunction, you should try to understand your feelings on your own. It is possible that the lack of pleasure is due to the elementary ignorance of one's body and its capabilities. In this case, as an aid, you can use the services of a sex therapist, talk with a partner or visit a sex shop.

Frigidity after childbirth

This is a temporary reaction of the body to stress. This problem occurs in almost every young mother and in most cases does not require medical attention. Disorders are manifested in different ways, it can be a lack of interest in sex or the inability to get an orgasm. As a rule, the ailment is temporary, but if it drags on too long, it requires treatment. The thing is that the female body perceives pregnancy and childbirth as a huge stress and tries to prevent it in the future, and therefore there is an aversion to intimate contacts. That is, the body is afraid of becoming pregnant again.

Lack of interest in sex can be based on painful sensations, as the body needs time for complete recovery. The internal genitalia and the stretched vagina come back to normal within 2-3 months after childbirth. Having given birth to a child, a woman completely switches to caring for him, and this condition is supported by a hormonal background.

In order to cope with this problem, you do not need to get hung up on it. As soon as the body recovers, the sex life will improve. In this case, a full rest and sleep, rational nutrition and honesty with a sexual partner are recommended. If the disorder is prolonged and sex causes pain, then you should seek medical help, since prolonged frigidity can become chronic.

Frigidity in men

It is a disorder, that is, a disharmony of sexual behavior. Indifference to the partner leads to a complete absence of sexual relations. For a long time it was believed that men do not face such a disease and the lack of desire for sexual intimacy occurs only in women. But the problem of low libido character for many representatives of the strong half of humanity. Violation does not occur immediately, the prerequisites for its development is the weakening of erection and situational impotence.

Consider the main reasons for the weakening of the male libido:

  • Stress and nervous disorders - have a negative effect on sexual behavior and well-being. Such phenomena provoke failures in the body and a decrease in libido. Because of this, the sex drive becomes fragmented and disappears completely over time.
  • Psychological diseases - the intimate attraction is affected not only by nervous experiences, but also by various mental disorders, for example, schizophrenia. In addition, diabetes, depression, alcoholism, urological diseases, atherosclerosis and other ailments can induce indifference to sex.
  • Age - the decrease or total absence of attraction to the opposite sex is associated with age. And this is not surprising, since work on the male organism, stress, chronic fatigue and other negative factors leaves its imprint.
  • Weak sexual energy - libido can fall depending on whether a man is passive or active by nature. If the patient is passive, then it is worth turning to a sex therapist, which will help restore health and attraction.
  • Temporary failure - as a rule, in men this is mentioned in the case when all the above-described factors are missing. For example, an interesting job or a favorite thing can completely capture the attention of a man, and unsatisfied sexual fantasies take second place. Such disruptions happen to everyone.

For the treatment and prevention of male sexual impotence and indifference, it is recommended to undergo preventive examinations. Playing sports, eating healthy, minimizing stress and having a good relationship with a partner is a guarantee of health and masculinity.

Diagnosis of frigidity

Diagnosis is carried out by a sexologist in the presence of symptoms of the disorder. The doctor conducts an examination to eliminate the causes of the physiological nature. For these purposes it is necessary to address to the gynecologist or the urologist, the psychologist and the endocrinologist. According to medical statistics, about 20% of women are frigid.

To determine the presence of this ailment with the patient, a conversation is conducted, and tests are taken. The doctor checks the condition of the endocrine glands and the functioning of the reproductive organs. Obligatory are the general analysis of blood, and the analysis of urine, which allow to identify the presence of chronic and infectious diseases. In addition, there are special tests to determine the level of sexual arousal or its absence.

Based on the diagnostic results, the treatment is selected. As a rule, therapy is performed for both partners simultaneously. If the disease has physiological causes, the doctor prescribes special physiotherapeutic procedures and medicines. With psychological intimate coldness, the psychologist needs help

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How to determine frigidity?

This issue occurs both in men and in women. And this is not surprising, since the mad speed of life, constant congestion, chronic lack of sleep and nervous exhaustion, negatively affect the state of sexual health. It is only the doctor who can determine the sexual disorder. But such symptoms as the lack of desire for intimacy even after prolonged caresses and aversion to sex, should cause concern.

At first, the intimate coldness is partial, that is, the need for sex arises, but rarely. In this case, preliminary caresses cause attraction, but this is not enough for full-fledged proximity. Therefore, a woman (a man) shies away from sex or comes in contact just to satisfy a partner.

Determine the violation can be and by external signs. Many women become acquiescent, irritable, ambitious. That is, ways with which you can accurately diagnose the disorder is not so much. But the most important thing is to determine the true cause of the disease and eliminate it.

Test for frigidity

The test allows you to determine the presence of sexual dysfunction and begin its treatment. There are special tests-questionnaires for men and women that help identify problems in intimate life. Consider the simplest test for women, to pass it you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have dreams of erotic content, how often?
  2. Are you aroused from male kisses and caresses?
  3. Do you have erotic fantasies?
  4. How do you feel about sentimental films and programs?

If at least one question you have a positive answer, then you can not doubt your normality. A truly cold woman is considered that is completely indifferent to sex, never experienced sexual desire and orgasm. All other types of sexual disorders, that is, hard-to-reach or rare orgasm, are amenable to correction.

For men, there is also a test, with which it is possible to identify insufficient sexual desire and problems with erection. Let's consider the main questions:

  • Do you suffer from frequent depression of excitement and sexual desire?
  • Are you lacking vitality and energy?
  • Have you noticed a decrease in endurance and impotence?
  • Have you had any recent fluctuations in weight in the direction of its decrease?
  • Do you experience the joy of life?
  • Do you often suffer from bad mood and irritability?
  • Do you fall asleep immediately after supper?
  • Has your work capacity decreased?
  • How often (in the last month) do you not achieve the erection necessary for sex?
  • How often (in the last month) did you not manage to keep an erection until the end of intimacy?
  • How often (in the last month) do not you have an orgasm?
  • Do you suffer from an inferiority complex and self-doubt?
  • The upcoming intimacy makes you nervous and worried because of a possible failure?

If you have at least two positive answers to questions 1 to 8, then this indicates a decrease in the male sex hormone. Positive answers to questions 9 to 13 indicate serious problems of sexual health and require medical care.

Who to contact?

Treatment of frigidity

Treatment of frigidity begins with the diagnosis of the problem and the establishment of the cause that caused it. Drugs are rarely prescribed, because there is no effective stimulant that would allow you to experience orgasm. But there are means that temporarily increase the excitability and, in combination with other therapeutic procedures, give a positive result. If the disorder is related to the work of the nervous system, soothing and stimulating drugs are used to normalize its functioning.

Until recently, sexual coldness was treated with hormonal medications, but these treatments are not popular these days because of many side effects. But the use of male sex hormones increases the intimate attraction in women. This is because they affect the areas of the brain that are responsible for the stimulation. However, such a treatment should be performed by a doctor, since the abuse of hormones can lead to pathological changes in the body and side effects.

Complex treatment should include physiotherapeutic procedures that increase the flow of blood to the genitals. These are mud procedures, irrigation of intimate organs with special solutions, sedentary baths and others. But this type of therapy should be carried out only after the permission of the doctor. So, if a woman has cysts, tumors or changes in the size of the uterus, then physiotherapy is contraindicated. To normalize the excitement and eliminate frigidity, special physical exercises are often used, aimed at strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Massage of feet, water procedures and any other kind of relaxation, also have a positive effect on intimate health.

Let's consider some methods, allowing to eliminate sexual dysfunction:

  • Aromatherapy - essential oils have a beneficial effect on all body systems, it does not matter in what form they are used. It can be a massage with oils or a warm bath. It is best to use lemon peppermint oil, sage, neroli, lavender, bergamot. A good effect is possessed by cold wraps with a cloth soaked in aromatic oils. It improves mood, raises tone and excitement.
  • Autotraining or self-hypnosis, also refers to methods that allow you to get rid of sexual coldness. To do this, you need to completely relax, for a while, forgetting about the problems and focusing on your body. You can imagine yourself lying on the beach under the hot sun on warm sand.
  • Proper nutrition - sexual attraction helps to restore natural plant aphrodisiacs. These are ginseng, royal jelly, damian, pollen, seafood, nuts, spices, chocolate, strawberries, avocados and others. These products are excellent antidepressants and contain hormones necessary for intimate life.

Treatment of frigidity in the home

Treatment at home can be carried out by alternative medicine methods. Consider the most popular and effective recipes:

  • Mix 100 ml of warm water with drops of alcohol tincture of the radiola rose (15 drops). The solution should be taken 3-4 times a day, 30 minutes before meals for 2-3 months. Similar properties have a tincture of eleutherococcus extract, tincture of ginseng, aralia and marigold.
  • Pour a couple of spoons of dry currant leaves with 1.5 liters of boiling water. The mixture is insisted for 3-4 hours, after which it must be filtered and take ½ cup before each meal. To improve the taste in the infusion, you can add a little honey.
  • 4 spoons of dry grass of a night violet fill in 500 ml of cahors and put in a tightly closed glass bowl for 14 days. The agent must be shaken daily. Once the compound is infused, it must be filtered and taken 1 spoonful 30 minutes before meals. Term of treatment is from 5-8 months.
  • Mix in equal proportions of nettle, chamomile, St. John's wort and hips. Vegetative collection thoroughly chop, and pour 250 ml of water, leaving to infuse for 2-3 hours. After this, the drug should be filtered and taken for ½ cup 3-4 times a day for 1-2 months.

How to get rid of frigidity?

So, the long absence of intimate excitement, the inability to get an orgasm and aversion to sex, can be considered very serious. There are a lot of causes of the disease. It can be various negative psychological factors, nervous disorders or problems at the level of physiology. Therefore, in order to eliminate the aversion to intimacy, it is necessary to establish the cause that caused it. For these purposes it is necessary to undergo examination at the gynecologist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist and sex therapist.

If no diseases are revealed, then most likely sexual dysfunction is associated with the inability to relax and trust the partner. For these purposes, it is worth talking frankly with your soul mate, creating a romantic and exciting atmosphere. Particular attention should be paid to the preliminary caresses, as they will allow maximum excitement and get full satisfaction from sex.

Conspiracy from frigidity

Conspiracy refers to alternative medicine. He can not harm the body, but when believing in the healing properties of the word and observing the rules of conspiracy pronunciation, it is possible to restore intimate health.

  1. This conspiracy is read while taking a bath: "A mother gave birth to a woman, a woman accepted a woman, I pray to a woman, I will appear to a woman to God. To the husband in pleasure, to itself in sweet. Amen". Concluding the water procedures, it is worth saying: "Voditsa gone, my frigidity took away. Exactly!". The plot can also be read on the bed, straightening the bed, preparing for bed.
  2. To increase emotional excitability and sensitivity, read the following words: "I will open my handbag. I'll find my wallet in it. I'll take three coins out of my wallet. One coin is old, no longer in use. This - my past mistakes, dating, my pain and love is old. I'll get the second coin, already modern, but worn out, dirty, walking on hands. This coin is my fatigue, my disappointments, my losses. I'll look at it carefully, smile at her and sigh bitterly. I'll get the third coin, a coin of another state. This coin is beautiful, promising, but for me it is useless. I'll look at it, I'll admire it, pin it into the fist with other coins and throw it over my left shoulder to hell! To leave me forever: my pain, my fear, my coldness and my complexes! I will have a purse in which I will put new coins: my passion, my love, my pleasure, my pleasure. A new world for me is coming. New means of calculation will be with them, people and the world. "
  3. Before going to bed with a partner, smoke a room with incense or juniper smoke, reading the following words: "Smoke Dymovich, take my woman's swindle! And I will wish and want, wish and love my husband! As smoke smokes, so will my love burn! I will passionately love and desire! I wish a woman to become! My conspiratorial word is strong and sturdy! Amen! Amen! Amen!".


Prevention of frigidity

As a preventive measure, special attention should be paid to the situation, which will allow both partners to be liberated as much as possible. Fear of looking ridiculous, fear of unwanted pregnancy, lack of time or haste, block sexual arousal. Eliminating the above factors can create all the conditions for an ideal intimacy.

Treatment of gynecological and urological diseases, disorders of the nervous system and diseases of internal organs, is also included in the preventive complex of intimate coldness. Since the physiological factors have a negative impact on sexuality, and do not give the opportunity to focus on the partner. Masturbation, that is self-satisfaction, is another method that relates to means of preventing an ailment.

Forecast of frigidity

The forecast is usually favorable. Timely recourse to medical care and the identification of the cause of sexual dysfunction help restore excitability. Even the most neglected, that is, chronic sexual coldness lends itself to treatment. The truth in this case is long-term therapy for both partners, the results of which justify the efforts expended.

Frigidity is a medical term that indicates sexual dysfunction, that is, the inability to get satisfaction from intimacy. Absence of stress, regular medical examinations, proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and a loving partner are the main rule not only of a happy life, but also of healthy sex.

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