Workaholics have a higher risk of developing hypertension

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07 October 2020, 09:38

American scientists shared an important conclusion: too long or busy working days in the office can trigger the development of hypertension - a common syndrome of high blood pressure . Moreover, this initial form of hypertension is often overlooked during preventive medical examinations. Research on this matter was carried out by cardiologists - members of the American Heart Association.

Nearly one in two people in the United States over the age of eighteen is diagnosed with high blood pressure. By the way, it is hypertension that causes more than 80 thousand deaths annually. Roughly 15 to 30% of older Americans suffer from some kind of "disguised" form of hypertension. The disease is characterized by the fact that during normal blood pressure measurements - for example, at a doctor's appointment - its indicators correspond to the norm, but in other conditions - in particular, at the workplace - blood pressure pathologically increases. In their new project, the specialists set the task to determine what circumstances affect the increase in pressure in the "masked" form of hypertension.

For the study, 3.5 thousand civil service workers from three large institutions located in Quebec were involved. Such institutions practice mainly the provision of insurance services for the population. Experts analyzed the participants' daily routine, measured their blood pressure, and at the end of the experiment concluded that a work week of more than 49 hours significantly increases the likelihood of blood pressure problems. So, in 70% of cases, "masked" hypertension develops, which in 66% of cases turns into a preserved pathology with a further predominance of high blood pressure, both in professional and in domestic and clinical conditions. The number of working hours from 41 to 48 per week significantly reduced the degree of danger of developing latent hypertensive syndrome, and the emergence of resistant forms of the disease was detected only in 20% of cases.

The study was corrected by such values as the degree of workload, age categories, gender, education level, occupation, the presence of bad habits and excess weight, as well as other significant factors. Representatives of professions associated with heavy physical activity, workers with shift work routines did not take part in the project. The researchers pointed out that the results of the experiment relate mainly to office workers. However, recommendations were made for employers to reduce workload to 35 hours per week.

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