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For visiting a new bio-toilet they will pay money

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 16.05.2018
04 July 2016, 11:45

Public toilets, as a rule, are not very clean, but in the territory of one of the South Korean research centers there is a unique "green" toilet for common use, which not only has an attractive appearance, but also helps to earn real money on your own waste of life.

The new development was named "Scientific Walden Pavilion" and in essence it represents a kind of laboratory that converts human waste into bio-fuel.

In the new bio-toilet, an anaerobic method is used-a chopper is placed inside which crushes and shreds the waste to the state of a powder that does not have a characteristic odor, then the powder moves to a special compartment for fermentation under the action of anaerobic bacteria (there are more than a thousand different microorganisms able to live without oxygen ).

Under the influence of thousands of bacteria there is decomposition of the compost and the release of carbon monoxide and methane, which move into a separate container. The carbon monoxide collected by scientists is used to fertilize green algae, and methane is stored to later use it as boiler fuel.

Human life on the planet is associated with the emergence of various wastes - and the higher the technical progress, the more waste that poison the earth and water, which affects the ecology of our planet. In recent years, researchers have presented a variety of ways for processing various wastes, the main purpose of which was to reduce the negative impact on the environment in the process of human life, and the project of South Korean scientists was no exception. The head of the Walden Science Pavilion project, Dr. Yavaeon Cho, said that he and his colleagues were aiming not only to create a new bio-toilet to save water and reduce operating costs in wastewater treatment plants, but also to develop a real ecological system that supports the innovations of the technology panel and allows transforming man's waste in money. In other words, Korean specialists were trying to create a toilet, in which people would be interested in walking, and this requires financial interest. To induce a person to use the Walden Pavilion, scientists are working on a special application for smartphones that will calculate the cost of waste and transfer a certain amount using an electronic transfer system. The idea of Korean scientists is quite simple - people use the "Walden Pavilion" for their intended purpose, i.e. As a toilet and receives a certain amount for this, which can be spent on the purchase of salad grown on biofertilizer.

Now the Walden Pavilion is just a demonstration project, but Dr. Cho's team intends to expand the technology for use by the masses and it is quite possible that such biotoilets will soon appear in the territories of other universities or big cities. Today, a unique bio-toilet can be used daily at the National University of Ulsan (South Korea).

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