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Unusual packaging will reduce the demand for cigarettes

22 June 2016, 11:30

WHO experts noted that a simple nondescript package for cigarettes does help reduce cigarettes among the population and reduce the number of smokers, not only among the adult population, but also among adolescents. The first country where the innovation was introduced was Australia - here a new packaging for tobacco products has been used since the end of 2012. In May this year, the process to prepare for a change in cigarette packaging began in Northern Ireland, Britain, France.  

On a simple packaging there should be nothing but the name of the trademark and product in the standard color and font, it is forbidden to place logotypes, advertisements, any images on the cigarette pack. According to experts, such a nondescript pack of cigarettes will reduce the demand for tobacco products, since in this case, cigarettes lose the status of a "glamorous accessory", producers limit their advertising and promotion capabilities, and on such packages, the warning about the dangers of smoking looks more effective.

Earlier in the WHO, it was already recommended to prohibit cigarette advertising, sponsorship, spreading the warning about the dangers of smoking (on TV, cigarette packs, etc.) to combat smoking, and simple packaging is part of the complex fight against addiction.

Australia, as already mentioned, has been using simple packaging for tobacco products for several years now. The number of smokers in this country is declining, but the introduction of a new package along with the placement of larger labels warning of the dangers of smoking allowed an additional 3 years (from 2012 to 2015) to reduce the number of new smokers among adolescents from 14 years.

According to experts, the experience of Australia indicates the great potential of the method of transition to a simple pack, and many countries can use it in combination with other effective measures to combat smoking.

The WHO Department for the Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases noted that this year World Day for Smoking Control is held under the slogan "Prepare for simple packaging!" And it is no accident. Every year, smoking causes death of 6 million people and the country, as new information is received in the field of health, are gradually being introduced to the global fight against addiction.

The tobacco industry had plenty of time to prepare for a change of packaging, but manufacturers have repeatedly tried to demand the prohibition of this restriction measure, but most countries prioritize the health of the population and refused to listen to the arguments of tobacco magnates.

Specifically for the Tobacco Day, WHO issued new recommendations for country leaders, which, in addition to instructions for changing cigarette packaging, contain the latest evidence on the dangers of tobacco smoking.

Smoking causes severe diseases, from which every 6 seconds, 1 person dies in the world, per year this is approximately 6 million deaths. Experts assume that in 15 years the number of deaths will increase to 8 million, mainly it will be the population of countries with a low and medium standard of living.

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Combating smoking is one of the main ways to improve the overall health of citizens.

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