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30 March 2015, 12:30

At the private research university of Duke, experts found that lack of sleep affects sexual desire and the production of sex hormones.

In the course of their work, scientists studied about 200 women, who were divided into several groups. During the experiment, the specialists created various conditions for the participants to sleep and observed the reaction of the organism.

Scientists came to the conclusion that a woman needs a high-grade full-fledged sleep (at least 7-8 hours a day). In the group of women who slept the prescribed number of hours, there was a more pronounced sexual desire (specialists took hormonal tests and used the method of biologically active communication to determine the psychological state of women).

Dr. David Kalmbach, one of the authors of the study, noted that every additional hour of sleep (but no more than 9 hours per day) increases by 15% the sexual attraction of a woman. As it turned out, the development of female sex hormones is directly related to the sleep hormone, and, according to Dr. Kalmbach, sexologists do not take into account the amount of sleep while working with patients. However, to get joy from sex you need to sleep no more and no less than the due time, as it is equally harmful for health to both nedosypat and pour (experiments have shown that a decrease in sexual desire also occurs if a woman sleeps more than 9 hours a day).

Head of the Academy of Sleep Medicine in the US Timothy Morgenthaler noted that it is important to pay attention to your well-being during awakening. If after 7-9 hours of sleep you feel vivacity, while the life chart is not disturbed, there is no sense in reducing or increasing the number of hours of sleep.

First of all, all people are individual, thus it is necessary to take into account genetic or cultural characteristics, as well as not forget about gender (women, in connection with hormonal exchange, it takes 1 hour more sleep than men).

It is known that lack of sleep disturbs many processes in the body, in particular, those who sleep less than 5 hours within a few years grow old 10 years earlier than their peers.

Also, experts from Boston University warn that lack of sleep affects the sensitivity to insulin, which is important for the normalization of sugar levels. In addition, chronic lack of sleep leads to malfunctions in the pancreas, which leads to a violation of metabolism and the early start of the aging mechanism of the body.

Insufficient or anxious (with frequent awakenings) sleep disrupts the production of collagen, which is necessary to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Strong and full sleep helps to relax the muscles of the face, smooth skin, improve the supply of nutrients to skin cells.

If we talk about gender differences, then, in addition to the fact that women need a longer night rest than men, they often face nightmares.

This conclusion was made by British specialists who conducted a five-year experiment. As it turned out, women are more often tormented by nightmares from nightmares (34% of girls and 19% of the test subjects).

Also, scientists have found that women's nightmares are different from men's - they are more terrible, with bright images, in addition, the plot of the dream is more sophisticated. Experts suggest that this is due to the high emotionality of women, they are more likely to experience daytime events and can not completely escape from problems.

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