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Toothpaste may cause harm to health

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Last reviewed: 30.05.2018

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06 April 2017, 09:00

Having done a lot of research work, the scientists made a disappointing conclusion. It turned out that the usual toothpaste gradually destroys the immune defense of a person.

Scientists from France have discovered that the regular use of toothpaste can lead to a gradual drop in immunity and even the development of cancerous tumors. Such complications can cause a substance that is included in most toothpaste pastes - this is a "titanium dioxide" compound. On a tube or label for toothpaste, this substance is labeled E 171.

Various pastes for cleaning tooth enamel, which can be purchased on the shelves of pharmacies and shops, contain in their composition a different percentage of titanium compounds. However, titanium, contrary to the existing opinion, affects not only the teeth and oral cavity, but also the health of the whole organism.

In addition to toothpastes, titanium can be a part of chewing gums and fresheners of the oral cavity. Use it in the food industry, adding sour cream, mayonnaise, ice cream, and even crab sticks. The purpose of this substance is bleaching: it is thanks to titanium dioxide that the toothpaste has a whitish white color.

Industrial magnates massively use titanium compounds - because their production costs are relatively small, with a tangible economic benefit from the sale of finished products. However, scientists have confirmed: titanium dioxide, which is contained in toothpaste, has a destructive effect on the body at the level of cellular structures. Gradually weakened immune defense, there are all sorts of chronic diseases, the causes of which people do not even guess.

It is generally believed that a harmful substance does not dissolve in water, and is eliminated from the body in an unchanged form. But this is not so: titanium dioxide, being in a finely dispersed dusty state, can cause irritation of mucous membranes, cough, and also provoke the development of malignant tumors - for example, the respiratory system. In addition, there are separate conclusions of scientists that titanium dioxide can lead to diseases of the liver and urinary system when it enters the digestive system.

Earlier, experts have already conducted experiments with titanium compounds on rodents. As a result, it was proved that the ingress of titanium dioxide into the respiratory system leads to the appearance of cancer tumors in mice. The bottom line is that the microparticles of the substance penetrate the bloodstream system, and then into most of the organs in which the cell walls collapse. During the study, DNA and rodent chromosome damage was identified that consumed dusty titanium dioxide with a drinking liquid for 18 months.

Conclusions of the researchers were made on the basis of a number of experiments and tests. Therefore, scientists insist that consumers carefully study the composition of the acquired care products for oral hygiene.

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