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A special sensor on the teeth will allow to establish control over the body

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 05.10.2018
18 August 2018, 09:00

A miniature sensor, "glued" to the tooth, will be able to store information about the calorie content, the amount of salt and sugar in the diet, about the amount of alcohol consumed by man. A similar innovation was created by a working group representing the Division of Biomedicine and Engineering from Tufts University.
The specific sensor is really very small - about 2 mm. To work, he does not need wires: he has three functional layers, capable of analyzing the composition of food falling into the human mouth. The received data is transferred to any selected device - for example, to a computer or smartphone.
The sensor has special functional layers: the middle acts as a collector of material for analysis, and a pair of outer layers is the receiver and transmitter of information. Any change in salt concentration, sugar level or alcohol causes a change in the conductivity of the middle layer, which affects the frequency and duration of the wave sent by the apparatus. These changes are taken into account by the algorithm of the received device, which determines that certain substances come into contact with the sensor.
The use of a dental label is not tested for the first time. Four years ago, scientists tried to build a similar mechanism, using acoustic sensors and an algorithm - that is, the device determined the variety and volume of food by the sounds arising during chewing. Such a device looked like an earphone.

After a new test, experts noted that the dental sensor was much more convenient, more compact and more functional.
It's no secret that many people sooner or later have to think about their diet and lifestyle: problems with excess kilograms, premature aging, health problems force people to resort to various ways to control their habits. A newly developed sensor can be a real salvation for many patients suffering from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, alcohol dependence . Meanwhile, people will be able to establish nutrition not through severe debilitating diets, which provide for a sharp restriction of the organism in all "joys". "Dental" sensor will only adhere to a number of rules that every patient can do.
Scientists are already preparing a new development for conducting clinical trials - first of all, the device will be aimed at helping people who are overweight. The sensor has no analogues in the world market, and can trace the entire daily diet of a person with absolute accuracy.
The cost of the new device, as well as the terms on which it can be purchased - such information was not voiced by experts.
Details can be found on the pages of the journal Advanced Materials, as well as on the site techxplore.com/news/2018-03-scientists-tiny-tooth-mounted-sensors-track.html

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