Sex in weightlessness: possible, but deadly

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25 March 2013, 09:00

To date, the study of outer space does not seem to be something very far and unexplored. News tapes are full of reports about a possible life on Mars, and some scientists are sure that the colonization of the Moon is not far off. Many people are interested in space tourism, and one of the most burning issues of interest to future pioneers is something like this: whether it is possible to have sex in weightlessness. Such interest amused scientists who had researched this issue earlier and now hurried to cool the lovers of future cosmonauts.

Biologists argue that sex in weightlessness is a time consuming and even unsafe for health. In addition, to conceive a child in such conditions, most likely, will not work. Scientists joke about the fact that outer space is unfriendly to the idea of reproduction of earthlings. As for the harm to health, this fact is confirmed experimentally, however, studies were conducted not on humans, but on plants.

Researchers have proved that cells of living plants during gravitational swings can be significantly damaged. The main destructive effect is the pollen tube (the so-called tubular outgrowth that is formed in seed plants from "male cells" during the formation of pollen). Scientists managed to prove that the destruction of cells occurs precisely because of sudden changes in gravity, after which the tubular growth can not normally develop and function.

Intracellular processes under conditions of weightlessness are also under threat. For example, in those cells that are just beginning to grow, there are disruptions in the development of the cell membrane, which leads to a malformed development of the whole plant cell. Biological scientists say that the results of the research can be applied to not only plants, but animals, humans. The normal functioning of each cell is important not only for the growth and development of plants, but also for the development of the human body. A disruption in the development of the intracellular mechanism is not the only problem that a person who is determined to try out space sex can face. Previously, it was proved that a long stay in weightlessness can negatively affect the reproductive function of man, as well as the potency of men. So sex with a seasoned cosmonaut may even be impossible. People who spent a lot of time in zero gravity risk to subsequently develop cancer or Alzheimer's disease.

After women visited space, rumors spread that cosmonauts have sex in weightlessness and are working to conceive a child. The leadership of NASA, of course, soon denied the unproven gossip. Recently it became known that the modern porn actress K. Brown intends in the near future to visit the orbit as a space tourist. After this information became known to journalists, a lot of rumors arose that a film for adults would soon be shot in outer space.

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