Scientists reported an ineffectiveness of the popular diet

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12 June 2013, 09:00

Summer is such a period of time when many people are seriously concerned about their appearance: women read articles about proper nutrition, men buy tickets to gyms, in general, almost everyone is interested in any aspects of a healthy lifestyle. One of the moments that women are interested in is, of course, various diets and nutrition systems.

Experts from Belgium reported that recent studies have proven the absolute inefficiency of the once fashionable diet for blood groups. European dieticians believe that this diet is not only useless, but even dangerous for the body, so they advise to refrain from the advice given by the author.

The author of the popular diet, Peter D'Adamo, insists that the food system he developed is not a diet in the everyday sense of the word. He calls on forever to change the lifestyle and style of nutrition and argues that the miracle will not change from a weekly diet change.

The American doctor has developed a nutrition system in which the diet of each person should depend on the blood group. Each of the four groups, the author gave his name and justified it by the fact that different blood groups appeared not at the same time, but at different periods of time. The basis of the diet for the blood group lies in the fact that a person, in the author's opinion, depending on his blood type, should consume different foods. The author believes that those products that were available at the time of the appearance, for example, of the second blood group, would be useful for a person with a second group, but dangerous for those with a third group. Such a statement, based on imaginary naturalness, bribed many people who deliberately refused to use vegetables, meat and other products useful to the body. The second point that can not but please is that the use of food can not be limited, the restriction applies only to food.

The author of the diet says that different foods, depending on the blood type of a person, are perceived differently by his body and digestive system and are differently absorbed by the body.

Belgian specialists became interested in the principles of the newfangled diet after nutritionists noticed that the number of patients who talk about the new food system has increased noticeably. After the doctors decided to investigate the fashion system in detail, it turned out that, despite its popularity, at the moment no authoritative scientific study of the diet was found. All opinions on the effectiveness of the nutrition system were drawn up by ordinary people who did not consider the diet scientifically. The only scientific study that examined the effect of nutrition on people with different blood groups was on a diet that was low in fat and only indirectly affected the topic in which the reaction of people with different blood groups was described.

Doctors, nutritionists argue that a diet for different blood groups can not be recognized effective and even consider it quite useless. Experts are sure that only healthy food and active physical activity can contribute to weight loss.

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