Scientists have told how to increase the duration of erection

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27 September 2012, 09:00

The scientist has long been aware of the biochemical factors that cause an erection of the penis, but so far they have remained a mystery for those factors that support it.

A team of scientists from the Johns Hopkins University found that erotic fantasies and irritation of erogenous zones cause an erection, but provides its nitric oxide I, which is released from the nerve endings of the penis. This substance increases the flow of blood to the genital and leads to the swelling of tissues. However, the duration of this erection lasts only a few seconds. This discovery was made by scientists ten years ago.

Then the specialists had a question how the erectile function is maintained and how to increase its duration.

When a man is visited by sexual fantasies or he sees a pretty girl, the brain sends signals to the glands to produce testosterone, and the one that enters the blood activates chemical processes that control biological mechanisms, which, if designated more simply, are called a valve.

With the help of the opening of this valve, the male organ is filled with blood and an erection is obtained. The quality of the erection depends on the work of this valve - it is he who provides what is obtained at the end of all biological processes - either sabers or soft cotton wool.

"We already knew that nitric oxide I, produced in nerve endings, causes an erection by relaxing the muscles that allow blood to fill the penis," says study co-author Dr. Arthur Brunette.

Participants in the experiment of scientists were mice and rats. The specialist managed to establish that the solution of this mystery lies in the action of nitric oxide I, which secrete blood vessels.

"In the course of research, we have established that the physiological mechanisms of erection can be compared with the work of a car. The driver can not just turn on the ignition and go away. For movement, it is necessary to squeeze the gas pedal and hold it, "says Dr. Brunette.

When a man feels the first wave of excitement, the nerve endings of the genital organ lead to active movement of the blood vessels, which in turn start the release of nitric oxide I. This connection continues to support the erection.

"When the blood flows to the reproductive organ, the reserve of nitric oxide I, which is in the walls of the blood vessels, comes into active action and there is an even greater release," concludes Dr. Brunette.

This process is based on increased blood flow, under the pressure of which the endothelial cells of the vessel walls secrete more nitrogen oxide I.

Note that sexual weakness can be a harbinger of heart problems.

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