Scientists have found the cause of weather anomalies

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10 January 2017, 09:00

A group of climatometeorological scientists identified the cause of last year's weather anomalies - in particular, floods in the US and debilitating heat in central Europe and Russia. Details about the scientific work done can be found in the section "Science news" of the periodical magazine "The Exchange Leader", or in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

According to experts, unprecedentedly powerful floods that were observed last year in Florida and other US states, as well as an unusually warm winter period in Brazil and the UK are the result of total climate change on Earth.

Stephanie Erring, a senior associate at the US Administration of Oceanology and Atmospheric Research, noted that observations over anomalous phenomena in nature were conducted for five years. As a result, a huge amount of confirmed information accumulated, which served as evidence that the periodic increase of heat and other natural disasters are directly related to general climate changes.

Increasing the level of the world's water body has led to an increase in the number of floods and floods on the planet. Over the past two decades, the frequency of mass floods has increased 500 times - and this is certainly associated with global warming. At the same time, a cardinal climatic imbalance increases the risk of fires by about 50%.

Specialist Stefania Erring added that the widespread fixation of cases of extreme heat, massive floods and other anomalies that have occurred in the last two decades poses a new challenge for scientists: to find a connection between the listed phenomena and the change in the course of sea currents and wind currents.

To assess the possibility of such a connection, Erring and a large group of other specialists of climatometeorologists have analyzed more than two dozen similar phenomena that took place last year. Summing up the information received, the scientists began to search for a common provoking factor, which could serve as a trigger mechanism for these cataclysms.

The study made it possible to draw an important conclusion: all the above-mentioned two dozen phenomena had a clear connection with climate change on Earth. At the same time, communication is also found in events such as the El Niño climate phenomenon - a flood in Florida and a drought period in California.

The effect of global climate change is especially evident in the territory of Eurasia, in the central region of Europe, in the Balkans. In the United States, in addition to floods, there were anomalous rainfall - in particular, in the spring-autumn period. Simultaneously, there was an increase in average annual temperature indicators and a change in wind speed and motion.

Often in order to prove the innocence of human activities to climate change on the planet, the current period of global warming on Earth is trying to relate to a change in solar activity. Is it really? Perhaps, further research by scientists will shed light on this question.

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