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Scientists have been able to develop a device that will replace the heart

27 December 2013, 09:30

European experts managed to develop a new artificial heart. In work on the artificial organ, scientists have adapted the technology commonly used in a variety of space, telecommunication satellites, which revolve around the earth.

 The scientists were able to develop a device that replaces the heart

Work on the development of an artificial device that is fully would replace diseased heart , held for 15 years, participated in the development of a variety of centers and institutes. New artificial heart body will undergo clinical trials in France and if the tests are successful, the artificial heart will go into mass production.

The emergence of a similar implant awaited for a long time a large number of people. On the development of a device capable of fully replacing the heart of human body work different groups of experts all over the world, part of the research scientists can make a real sensational breakthrough in the field of transplantation.

More than one hundred million people worldwide suffer from severe heart disease. Sometimes the patient is approaching a critical point that requires urgent organ transplant. Unfortunately, the lack of donor organs makes it possible to do such an operation to all who need it. Therefore, many experts believe artificial heart body is very important in modern medicine.

Aleyn Karpenter, a professor, a famous heart surgeon was the author of the development of the new body. Due to the fact that the professor was able to access a variety of technologies that are used in space projects, he was able to create a device capable of performing the functions of the human heart, and to be as reliable and durable.

Professor Carpentier said, the new artificial device combines the latest developments in the field of biology, medicine, electronics, and uses the most modern materials. Artificial heart by 50% consists of organic and biological materials, the remaining half are used in the manufacture of spacecraft components, only much smaller.

As explained by one of the developers who participated in the creation of artificial organ, between the cosmos and the human body has a lot in common. As space and the human body is a complex and inaccessible system. The space does not make mistakes, can not be broken part is easy and hassle-free repair. The same principle is true of the man. A group of experts needed to create a device that would be able to work in difficult conditions of the vascular system, the ability to open and close the valve about 35 million times a year and work without interruption for five years (at least) from the time the transplant in humans.

From specialists required virtually impossible - to develop a machine that could replace the most important human organ and be as reliable. Creation of such a body has been made possible due to the great work on design, forecasts and further the practical application of high-tech electronic components, which until that time were only used in the construction of satellites.

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