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Same dishes will help to get confidence in the partner

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19 July 2016, 10:30

Establishing relations between people is quite a complicated process, it concerns business partners, employees in the office or just men and women. At a private research university in Chicago, a team of psychologists established how to establish contact and improve the level of trust between people. As it turned out all is simple - to please a person, you need to choose the same food.

The scientists conducted a series of experiments, in which they determined the connection between the choice of identical dishes and the emerging sense of trust. It has long been known that people who want to become closer to each other have the same habits, tastes, musical preferences, and the like. But now it's a scientifically proven fact.

Recently, experts have proved that laughter helps to establish social ties and if a person laughs at your jokes, then you like him. A similar situation is observed when choosing dishes.

To find out, the scientists conducted several experiments, in the first of which people passed a standard test for the level of trust - all participants were divided in pairs and each had to determine the amount that he could give to the partner for investment (double increase). According to the conditions of the experiment, the one who gave the money had no guarantees of receiving money back, and the one who received it had the right not to give it away at all. By the amount that the participants were ready to give, and determined the level of trust between them. 

During the study, one pair was given the same candy, and the others were different, thereby resulting in two groups of participants, also scientists left part of the participants without sweets, i.e. Created a control group. As a result, scientists noted that the maximum level of confidence was in the group where couples were given the same candy.

Further, scientists tried to confirm the fact that the choice of the same food affects the level of trust in a person. For this, a different test was used - the participants had to reach an agreement in negotiations on an employment contract. Just like in the previous experiment, some participants received the same dishes, some of them are different. Results surprised scientists - in a group where couples got the same dish, the agreement was reached 2 times faster.

University professor in Chicago, Islet Fischbach noted that people believe that all decisions are made with the help of logic, but the fact that the choice of the same dishes can affect thinking does not even occur to anyone. According to scientists, food can be used at the initial level as a means to establish contact and establish trust.

Such tricks are suitable for business negotiations and for ordinary working canteens - limiting the range of food can encourage people to choose the same dishes, thereby bringing them closer. According to scientists, if there is a limited assortment of food in the canteens, this will help increase the efficiency of labor, as the employees will begin to trust each other more.

This approach can be used not only in workers, but also for personal purposes - on a first date or after a quarrel, but that it does not look like a manipulation, it should be notified to the partner.

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