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Responsible and hard-working people often feel guilty

08 January 2015, 09:00

In one of the universities of Southern California, researchers found that employees who often feel guilty are extremely hardworking and moral. Such people try not to let their colleagues down and always do their job on time. However, as it turned out, such people, in fact, are single and reluctant to cooperate with others.

In the course of the new study, specialists asked the volunteers to pick up a partner for the building. As a result, those employees who most often felt guilty, did not have the necessary experience or knowledge, usually chose partners of a partner who was not very knowledgeable in the relevant sphere, because they feared that they would do less work or perform their tasks worse. Also, those who often felt guilty preferred to receive a reward for the work done separately, based on their own competence, in other words, such people sought to get what they deserved.

Employees with a sense of guilt are more conscientious, they do not like to take on someone else's work, so the financial issue is not their main concern.

According to scientists, the results of this study will help employers increase productivity. The main thing is that the wine does not prevent workers from interacting with colleagues and taking the lead.

Usually, employees with a sense of guilt show themselves to be good leadership qualities, because they have an increased sense of responsibility and they tend to worry more about the results of their actions.

In another study on human feelings such as shame and guilt, experts determined that guilt is mainly associated with certain actions, while shame is determined by a more global approach.

For those who feel guilty, it is inherent, first of all, to think about the consequences, the decision made, and for those who feel a shame - to think about all the details, before making a decision. 

For example, if a person who adheres to a diet breaks it, then in the store, making purchases, he will be burdened with feelings of guilt and shame. Buying food, a sense of guilt will encourage him to carefully study the calorie content (for example, ice cream), and a sense of shame will prevent him from buying even the most low-calorie product. 

In their new study, experts conducted a survey among volunteers, which found out the time when participants last experienced a feeling of guilt or shame. After receiving all the answers, the scientists distributed to all participants of the essay, which they had to read. Then, part of the volunteers answered the questions on the text of the material read, and part performed the task concerning the main topic and its understanding.

As a result, those who described feelings of guilt were more likely to answer questions about the topic of the material read, and those who felt shame chose the task for themselves (the "bashful" thought more abstractly).

The data obtained, according to experts, can help advertising companies, for example, to reduce the feeling of guilt will help mention in the fitness center advertising about the need for daily classes, and reduce the sense of shame will help the slogan about strengthening health in general.

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Education: Kiev National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets, Specialty - "General Medicine"

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