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The reasons for the long life of the Japanese are declassified

28 February 2017, 09:00

Japan has been famous for many years for the longest life of the population. It is interesting that a century ago the Japanese life expectancy was below average. What happened, and why now the inhabitants of Japan are breaking records in the number of long-livers?

Fortunately, many old people living in the country of the Rising Sun do not try to hide the reasons for this phenomenon, but even try to share advice with anyone who wants to.

  • The Japanese eat a lot of vegetables, every day. In their menu there are always salads, stewed vegetables, or simply raw - as a snack. Everyone knows about the benefits of vegetables, but the inhabitants of Japan implement this knowledge in life, taking care of their health.
  • The Japanese prefer vegetable oil to animal fats. There is a huge amount of information about how useful it is for the body to consume at least one teaspoon of olive oil a day. Longevity claims: vegetable oils increase life expectancy, but butter and cheeses should be limited to a minimum.
  • The Japanese are sure: movement and proper breathing allow a person to stay healthy and happy for a long time. It's great if you do breathing exercises and yoga. If not, then it will be enough to perform light gymnastic exercises in the mornings, and day and night to make walks in the park or forest.
  • Most Japanese do not drink or smoke. Although, according to the representatives of the nation, it is not necessary to completely abandon the intoxicating beverages: for example, you can drink about 150 ml of quality wine for lunch.
  • The Japanese do not stint on positive emotions. Most of them try not to worry - especially if the problem is not worth it. But to show joy is desirable in relation to any little things. Scientists have proved that even for a few minutes of joy and happiness, immune defense works more actively, preventing the development of inflammatory and cancer diseases. If a person stays mostly in a dull mood, then his immunity sharply weakens, which can cause the development of all kinds of pathologies.
  • The Japanese work a lot - and it's not accidental: brain activity is closely related to the healthy state of the brain.
  • Any Japanese long-liver will say that it is necessary to work, but it is of no small importance and quality to rest. Do not keep the body in constant tension, otherwise it may adversely affect your health and life expectancy. One of the components of rest is a good sleep - it helps to clear thinking and restore metabolic and hormonal processes in the body.
  • Tempering - or, at least, do not accustom yourself to heat. The house needs to be ventilated more often, and to dress - according to the weather, but without excessive zeal.
  • Eating food for the Japanese is a real ritual. Their attitude to food is far from the same as that of Europeans. Perhaps, therefore, the inhabitants of Japan almost never overeat: moderation they honor above all, and not only in food.

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Leading experts in nutrition and healthy lifestyle believe that these tips are very simple and really can help maintain the health and youth of the body for many years. Maybe we should try it for us?

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 30.05.2018
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