Psychologists told how a woman behaves during ovulation

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17 August 2012, 19:00

Experts have long argued about whether men are able to notice the period when a woman is best prepared for conception. Does it become more attractive during and shortly before ovulation?

Is the timbre of her voice rising or does she start to smell something special? According to the results of recent studies, writes Der Spiegel, the signs of ovulation in women find their reflection not only in appearance, but also in behavior.

"For several decades, scientists have proceeded from the premise that evolution provided the fine half of humanity with a kind of weapon in the age-old struggle of the sexes: it is a question that unlike female animals, a woman can with some success hide the advent of the period of the greatest fertility." It turns out, the author writes, that a man in order to learn the joy of paternity, just in case, during the whole month, has to show tenderness and sensitivity to his partner.

Researchers from the University of Bern found that the onset of ovulation changes the features of women. In the course of the research, experts identified, based on 25 photographs of women in the period of ovulation and outside it, using a computer program, 178 distinctive features. Then, with the help of the revealed differences, photos of other women from the database were changed to give their faces, regardless of the day of the cycle, "signs of the period of ovulation." Despite the fact that the changes were not visible to the naked eye, most of the male respondents were rated as more attractive by those women whose photos were processed.

In addition, according to French scientists, during the ovulation period, women's movements become smoother and the gait slows, which also attracts men.

"Women become more prodigal during the period of ovulatory changes: they gladly give money for dresses, dress more provocatively and spend more time on cosmetic procedures," the author retells the results of a study conducted by scientists at Concordia University in Canada. In this case, scientists agree, even if a woman is aware of the changes occurring in her body depending on the day of the cycle, she can not affect them in any way.

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