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Physicians announced the creation of a new drug for weight loss

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 06.11.2018
06 November 2018, 09:00

A new drug that can save a person from excessive fat deposits, is created on the basis of chili pepper. The first tests have already demonstrated excellent results: it is true that experiments were conducted only on rodents. The basis of the drug is a specific substance capsaicin. It is under his influence that we feel a burning effect typical for chili peppers.

Specialists of pharmacology representing the American University of Wyoming noticed: the substance capsaicin is able to stimulate the work of a specific receptor mechanism that provides the process of energy utilization inside fat cells. In particular, the TRPV1 receptor group forces the fat cells to burn energy, preventing it from being stored in reserve. The usual administration of a concentrate of capsaicin substance has been tried earlier, but did not lead to the expected positive fat burning effect. Therefore, researchers continued to develop and modify this substance by developing a drug that was named "metabolotin". The new drug after administration is able to provide a slow, gradual, but constant release of active capsaicin, which significantly increases the bioavailability of the latter and minimizes the possible manifestations of toxicity or side effects.

Preliminary experiments involving animals have demonstrated that the agent actually causes a decrease in body weight, enhances the sensitivity of cells to the presence of insulin, and also stimulates the thermal transformation of the most dangerous type of fat - "brown". After eight months of systematic therapy, none of the unpleasant toxic symptoms occurred in the experimental rodents, and the loss of excess fat continued throughout the treatment period.

The specialists were satisfied with the work done. According to them, metabolotin is a powerful and effective tool that can help patients with different degrees of obesity . However, the researchers recall that following the results of many previous tests, the usual absorption of a large number of chili peppers with food does not lead to clinically tangible results.

The security testing of the new facility is already over. Now scientists are concerned about the conduct of subsequent experiments involving people - both healthy and sick with obesity and metabolic disorders. At the moment, the search for a source of research funding is underway, and new possibilities of capsaicin are being developed to enhance the specificity of the therapeutic effect. For example, in one project, pharmacologists test an injectable supply of a substance to accelerate the utilization of fat in specific parts of the body.

The results of the project work will soon be presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Eating Behavior (Florida). To clarify the information, please visit http://www.ssib.org/web/press2018.php

It is important to know!

Children with obesity are required to consult a medical genetics and endocrinologist to exclude hereditary and endocrine diseases requiring specialized treatment. Read more..

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