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Nutritionists advised how to alleviate the condition after overeating

08 November 2017, 09:00

Many feasts or activities related to them occur in the evening, when you do not particularly want to eat, and besides it is harmful. What to do if a person still could not stand and ate for the night - and heavy and high-calorie food? How to relieve the body and improve the digestive system?
Nutritionists advise: the next day, you must carefully clean the strained organism - in fact, while you were sleeping, the digestive and kidney organs continued to work in a strengthened mode. It is better to start cleaning immediately after awakening, and to go through all the steps steadily until you go to bed.
The first thing to do is to save the tissues from excess fluid. It is known that one of the consequences of overeating is swelling: the excess of salty, sweet and fatty foods leads to the accumulation and stagnation of fluid in the tissues.
The next day after a plentiful meal, under no circumstances should you eat something salty or sweet, so that excess fluid can leave the body without problems. Doctors advise paying more attention to protein foods, and less - to carbohydrate. For example, it is possible to cook unsalted chicken fillet, omelet, curd casserole with raisins, etc. Protein will be easily absorbed by the body, and swelling will gradually come down.
If possible, it is better to choose foods in which the fiber is present in sufficient quantities to prepare the dishes. Among such products are especially popular vegetables, fruits, beans, whole-wheat or whole-grain bread. There is no special restriction on the calorie content of the dishes, since the cleansing day may end with a binge eating disorder. If this happens, then all efforts will go wrong, and cleaning will have to start anew.
Even in the case when you overeat at night, you do not need to cancel breakfast. Otherwise - see above - there may be an overeating, or binge eating, at lunch. Eating in the morning, too, should not: optimally cook a light breakfast. You can eat yogurt and drink a cup of coffee, or eat a few slices of hard cheese and an apple.
To restore the balance of water and electrolytes, other than nutrition, you need to remember the need for fluid to enter the body. Some may seem strange, but with sufficient water intake, its excretion also increases: thus, swelling will go down more quickly. The best drink will be ordinary clean water. In addition, it will be useful tea with lemon or ginger. Sweet soda, on the contrary, will promote the appearance of edema.
If overeating was not associated with any activity, and you just overeat, after an evening "attack" on the refrigerator, you need to think about why it happened. You may have had a "hard" stressful day, or your eating habits have been compromised. Or did you eat so little during the day that the body could not stand it in the evening and decided to "take it"? Dietitians advise: in order not to shake the eating behavior, and not to allow episodes of overeating, try to eat evenly throughout the day, in small portions. Overeating has a very negative effect on the work of the stomach, pancreas, liver and kidneys, which sooner or later can lead to the development of chronic diseases.

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Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 31.05.2018
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