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In the near future, a person's life will be able to extend to 500 years

21 February 2017, 11:30

Scientific experts have suggested that a person can live up to 500 years if he fully utilizes his biological potential.

A similar conclusion was made by the leading employees of Google, who specialize in genetics and pathological diagnostics. So, one of the most famous experts-futurists Raymond Kurzweil is sure that a kind of "elixir of longevity" can become a reality in 30 years.

Genetics and gene technologies are developing very intensively, and the question is how to set a new program of human DNA, so that it can be managed - to update, reinstall, etc. The cells of the human body, in theory, are capable of a sufficiently long life - almost infinite existence, under the condition that the mechanism of their reproduction is constantly working.

Another theory is considered - the production of natural limiters implanted in the brain structures. A team of neurophysiologists said that artificial stimulation of cell repair may not be sufficient for sustained, sustained brain activity. To put it differently, artificial brain support will be required for the brain of a long-liver.

It can be concluded that in 20-30 years, scientists will learn to "wedge in" and make changes in the natural biological processes that lead to the limitation of life expectancy.

It is possible that interference in biological patterns may turn out to be negative for a person: new diseases will appear, pathological disorders of the brain, which will immediately cast doubt on the stability of a long-lived organism. In addition, technologies that promote longevity, have a very high material cost. Therefore, the foreseeable prospect in this direction for some scientists is still questionable.

Among other things, the artificial prolongation of human life indefinitely enters into a break with religious dogma. Any classical religious teaching involves limiting the duration of earthly existence. And for those believers who have attained to truth and enlightenment, earthly life no longer has to be of great significance. Scientists also want to transfer the so-called "afterlife" to the earth.

If we consider the issue of longevity raised by specialists more extensively, then the entire course of modern medicine in the last two centuries can be defined as an attempt to discourage natural processes of "natural selection", regulate the life and death of people to support the human population. Using the latest technological resources, of course, can greatly expand the capabilities of mankind. But - what will be the breakdown of the main natural mechanism?

At the moment, scientists have already proved that with a healthy lifestyle, a person can live up to 120 years of age.

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 16.05.2018
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