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Journey to the Earth's core will soon become a reality

17 March 2017, 09:00

Until a few decades ago about the Journey to the Center of the Earth can be read only in books of science fiction writers. However, in the near future, scientists plan to go in this trip.

Oceanographers experts representing the UK National Center of Southampton University, set a goal of organizing a unique excursion to the earthly center. To do this, scientists allegedly involve the Japanese unit of the underwater drilling "Chikyu" (translated from Japanese as "a route").

The journey is planned not just out of curiosity: specialists need to analyze the structure and condition of the cracks in the earth's crust that caused the devastating earthquake Tohoku last year. Scientists will pay attention to the existence of a cause-effect relationship with the occurrence and start to collect metrics for subsequent experiments - for example, to study the Earth's evolution and the structural features of the planet.

Inside Earth professionals can find a lot of secrets, which previously could only guess. Thus, it is possible that there will be found a unique new species of bacteria that can live and grow at high temperatures.

British geologists, researchers have noted that the earth's mantle, which represents almost 70% of the total mass of the planet, is still virtually unexplored. This opinion was confirmed by the experts crucibles Dr. Damon: "For the entire period of study of the Earth scientists have not received a single sample of pure mineral resources. I'd like to change the situation. "

Paving the way for the deep geology of the Earth offer to release a special tool in the form of drill and drill bits, which can withstand the highest possible temperature and extremely high pressure. Those instruments that are used by scientists before, proved too brittle and fragile, and broke down after fifty hours of operation. For this reason, experts still managed to get only an incomplete third part of the intended path.

The material side of the issue plan to solve this year: it is assumed that the estimated cost of such a "journey" will be equal to one billion dollars. The overall implementation of the project is scheduled for 2030.

Previously it was believed that it is impossible to carry out such a project flatly because earth gown - a giant layer having a thickness of about three thousand kilometers having a prohibitively high temperature (about four thousand degrees Celsius) and a huge pressure. The pressure inside the planets is so high that the maximum particle substances are sealed and are stationary. However, existing to date unsolved mysteries and secrets of the structural formation of our planet are forced scientists to make more efforts for new discoveries. And future experiments with going deep into the Earth gives hope that mankind once again prove: the impossible is possible.

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