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01 April 2011, 14:47

A few years ago, for many people over 60 years old, the diagnosis of cataract sounded like a sentence. Cataracts - an insidious disease and usually it develops slowly, so people do not immediately notice that he has formed such a nasty disease and does not hurry to consult a doctor. But this is wrong, because only a highly qualified ophthalmologist will be able to detect cataracts at an early stage, in the shortest possible time, eliminating the disease. There is a huge amount of myths and speculation about cataracts. Today Excimer dispels myths - because we know everything about vision ... :)

Myth number 1. Cataract is not a serious disease

This is really a myth, because cataracts are one of the most serious eye diseases most often affected by people in old age. Of course, cataracts can also occur in young people, but most likely it will be as a result of damage to the lens with injuries, ultraviolet radiation, exposure to certain chemicals, and so on.

The lens of the human eye is a "natural lens". It is transparent, elastic - it can change its shape, almost instantaneously "bringing focus", due to which a person sees well both near and far. With cataracts, partial or complete clouding of the lens occurs. Because of the violation of the transparency of the lens, only a small part of the light rays begin to enter the eye, so the person sees indistinctly and blurry, especially in bright light. Over the years, the disease progresses: the area of turbidity increases and vision decreases.

When the cataract stage is started, the swollen lens begins to occupy most of the anterior chamber of the eye, thus disrupting the outflow of the intraocular fluid. As a result, there is an increase in intraocular pressure and glaucoma develops. This is very dangerous, since without the treatment, vision is irretrievably lost.

Myth number 2. Cataract can be cured by alternative medicine and without surgery

To date, in modern medicine, there are no drugs that can restore the transparency of the lens. Its turbidity is the irreversible process of the proteins contained in it, which can not be got rid of by diet, special massage, or by any alternative means. The only way out is surgery, ophthalmologists of the whole world believe.

Myth number 3. Operation is very long

In modern ophthalmology, the most effective, fast and painless cataract treatment is the phacoemulsification with the implantation of an artificial lens. By the time the operation takes about 15 minutes, it is performed under local anesthesia while the patient does not experience any discomfort. The operation can be divided into several stages: first, the ophthalmic surgeon with a diamond tool creates a microcut, about 3 mm and all further manipulations produce through it. Then, using a special probe with the help of ultrasound, the lens is converted into an emulsion and removed from the eye. Through a microcut in the capsule, where the lens was previously placed, a flexible lens is inserted in the folded state, which independently unfolds inside the eye and is securely fixed. After such a surgical intervention, no suturing is required, since the microcut is self-sealing.

Myth number 4. After the operation, you need to stay in the hospital for a long time

Do not be afraid, you do not have to lie in the hospital. At the Excimer clinic, an operation for cataracts is performed on an outpatient basis, that is, without hospitalization and on the same day the patient returns home. Restrictions on physical activity are minimal, recovery is painless. Before the advent of phacoemulsification, all this was impossible. Only modern methods have allowed such good results to be achieved.

Myth number 5. Still need to wear glasses

It's good enough to see you begin in a few hours, and the maximum visual acuity is restored for a period of 2 days to 1 week. When dealing with the diagnosis of "cataract" in "Excimer" you will not only be helped to get rid of the disease, but also to restore your vision, achieving the greatest possible acuity, painlessly and effectively, without the complications and restrictions on physical activity after the recovery period.

In the ophthalmological clinic "Excimer" the most modern achievement of world ophthalmology in the field of cataract treatment is the multifocal lenses. The undoubted advantage of multifocal lenses is that they allow you to achieve the same good vision without using glasses both far away and close, because they have not one, but several foci, which makes it possible to see objects located at different distances well. You do not have to use glasses any more when reading and working with small items.

In the "Excimer" ophthalmic clinic, qualified specialists will save you from cataracts and glasses, providing comfortable vision in any situations. In the Excimer, they are sure that cataracts are not a verdict.

If you have problems with eyesight, then on the site excimer you will find everything you need. We will tell you about what are eye diseases and, most importantly, how to treat them, answer all your questions (ask a question to an ophthalmologist). The site has a separate page for future moms, dedicated to problems of vision and pregnancy. And also for those who work a lot at the computer (vision and computer). Let's suggest what exercises for the eyes can restore vision and how to observe the hygiene of lighting.

Doctors of Excimer set a goal to make ophthalmological care even more accessible for those who need it. There are discount cards in the clinic. A full computer diagnostic examination is performed for each patient. When you register for an appointment through the website of the clinic, you get a 5% discount for full computer vision diagnostics with the advice of an ophthalmologist.

We will be happy to help you.

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