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Multivitamin preparations can be dangerous

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 30.05.2018
03 May 2017, 09:00

Multivitamin tablets, which are abundant in any pharmacy, can cause harm to human health. Paradoxically, this is the conclusion drawn by the Danish scientists.

If a person needs to improve his health and maintain immunity, in most cases he goes to the pharmacy for vitamin preparations. These are the so-called artificial vitamins, which should possess only useful properties.

However, scientists came to completely different conclusions. The bottom line is that most of the synthetically created vitamins can not be absorbed by the human body - it turns out that they transitively leave the body, not bringing a drop of usefulness. Whether it's natural vitamins, with their natural protein structures. Such structures help to assimilate vitamins as qualitatively as possible.

Synthetic vitamins at best are excreted from the body, not bringing him any benefit. In the worst case, they accumulate in tissues and liquids, which in time can cause various diseases.

Experts strongly advise: to accelerate recovery and to strengthen the body's defenses, one needs to consume large amounts of vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries. Only such vitamins will bring unquestionable health benefits.

Previously, this conclusion of scientists existed only in the form of a hypothesis, but in recent years, various studies have been carried out, which confirmed the theory. For example, researchers from the University of Glasgow have spread the information that multivitamin tablets are not properly dosed. That is, the quantity of some vitamins in such preparations is initially overestimated. So, the average recommended amount of ascorbic acid per day for an adult can be about 40 mg, and as for tocopherol, it is enough for men to consume 4 mg per day, and for women - 3 mg. At the same time, any vitamin complex contains an unreasonably high dose of these vitamins.

Having conducted a comparative analysis of all previous studies, the scientists came to the conclusion that taking multivitamins is not capable of preventing neither the development of tumors nor infarction and, unfortunately, can not help cure these ailments. Therefore, for a fully nutritious person, multivitamins are absolutely useless and unnecessary tablets.

According to many physicians, the intake of vitamin tablets can be justified only when a persistent deficit of any substances is observed in the person's diet, or vitamin uptake is impaired. For example, the residents of the far north may be a chronic lack of ascorbic acid, and pregnant women often do not have enough vitamin E.

At present, mankind is experiencing a real vitamin "boom". People are totally addicted to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and physical activity. And that's fine. However, with regard to the benefits of supplementary taking multivitamin tablets, this issue has long been open.

It is important to know!

Vitamins are such substances by means of which the metabolism is carried out in the body and, as a result, energy is released. Vitamin deficiency, or hypovitaminosis - a condition in which the body does not have enough vitamins. And vice versa, if in the body the excess of vitamins is hypervitaminosis. Read more..

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