Life after death or parallel worlds

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11 April 2016, 11:00

In ancient times, people believed in the existence of the afterlife, when dying on earth, a person is reborn and lives in a completely different world. The development of mankind, scientific discoveries and technological achievements have led to the belief that the belief in the existence of paradise and hell, parallel worlds, the afterlife has been shaken, and now there are many theories of what really happens after death, but there is no exact evidence for this or that statement .

This time, one professor Robert Lantz said that death is not the end of life, it is just the beginning of a new world in a different world.

Professor Lantz and his colleagues came to the conclusion that the death of a physical body does not break the consciousness of a person, it is transferred to a parallel world and continues to live, but of an entirely different reality and shell (body). According to scientists, various descriptions of the afterlife that are found in different religious cultures are not groundless, and the existence of paradise, hell, other worlds is quite possible.

According to a group of specialists from the University of Carolina under the leadership of Professor Lantz, the consciousness of every person after the death of the physical shell is reborn in another shell, and life can continue both on the ground and in a parallel world.

It is worth noting that the version about the existence of life in other dimensions is put forward by scientists for a reason, according to them, the proofs of this are different creatures that appear on our planet, however, and remained unknown to science and the general public, for example, mermaids, a snowman , the Loch Ness monster, etc. Professor Lanz is confident that all these creatures are representatives of other worlds. But all this is just an assumption, and Lanz's research team did not provide 100% confirmation of his theory, but another study of American scientists, conducted a couple of years ago, partly corresponds to Lanz's statement. Thus, experts from Australia and the United States came to the conclusion that parallel worlds really exist, in addition, they are in constant interaction with each other. According to the researchers, their theory can explain the various phenomena that periodically occurred or occur on our planet.

According to experts, the interaction of the Universes takes place on a very complex principle, which can be based on repulsion. Also, scientists noted that parallel worlds may well exist separately.

By the way, Professor Lant about a year ago already declared the immortality of the soul, which caused a lot of controversy in the community of scientists. Then Lanz said that the soul of a man is reborn, and human life can be compared to a perennial plant. To confirm his theory, Lantz, with like-minded scientists, used the theory of biocentrism and conducted Jung's experiment (observation of light particles penetrating through a screen with holes).  

As a result, scientists have established that the same particle behaves differently, as if these two are completely different entities. According to scientists, people, objects that surround us, is only a consequence of the work of our subconscious and the peculiarities of our perception of this world.

But, no matter how it was, what awaits us after death, remains a mystery to this day, which, perhaps, will not be resolved soon.

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