In India will be engaged in the resurrection of the dead

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25 May 2016, 09:15

An international team of specialists from the United States and India intends to conduct a sensational experiment - to bring to life a dead person. If the tests are successful, then it is quite possible that people will finally get a chance to live on the earth forever.

Scientists plan to revive the dead regions of the brain in dead people, in particular, those who, as a result of severe craniocerebral injuries, are clinically dead. By the way, the relatives of the deceased have already given their consent to the experiment and the first operation on the resurrection of human scientists will be conducted in India under the leadership of Professor Himanshu Bansal. During the operation, specialists will use various innovative technologies, including injections with nutrients and stem cells from living donors.

As scientists explained, injections will be injected into the spinal cord of the dead with a special pump - nutrients will be delivered every day, every 14 days, stem cells. Scientists suggest that one clinically dead patient will need about 1.5 months to return to life. It should be noted that Professor Bansal said that he had already succeeded in such an experiment earlier with two patients, but now the study will involve 20 patients. The present experiment, according to scientists, will be the final stage and will show that the death of the brain is reversible. If Bansal's group succeeds in proving this and bringing back at least one patient, then in medicine there will be a huge leap forward.

To return people from the realm of the dead, not only the Bansal group wishes. US researcher Josh Bokanegra is confident that in about 30 years, the method of resurrecting people will not only be found, but also successfully applied in practice. Bocanegra himself developed a project for the resurrection of man. The scientist suggests that after death, the brain of a person will be frozen, and then planted in a specially created artificial body. All these manipulations scientists will be able to hold in the near future, and a return to life will no longer be a fantasy or a plot of the film about the apocalypse.

It should be noted that even today scientists can freeze any human organ, including the brain, but the main problem for specialists is to keep the cells alive and fit for transplantation.

Most scientists considered the idea of Bocanegra on resurrecting people impossible, since after returning to life a person will no longer be himself and forget everything that happened to him until his death. Also, some experts noted that the brain, frozen, and then implanted in an artificial body, will not be able to work to the full, some cells will still die and no technology can restore them. Proceeding from all this, it is impossible to predict the thoughts and actions of the "man" resurrected in this way.

But Bokanegra and his supporters are confident in the success of their project, despite the condemnation and disbelief of the academic community, experts continue to gradually move towards their goal.


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