Lacquer coating for nails is not always safe

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Last reviewed: 30.05.2018

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06 July 2017, 09:00

Employees of the US Department of Toxic Substances Control found a whole list of discrepancies in the composition of the varnish coating for nails, which is universally used in California beauty salons. The discrepancy was noticed, first of all, in the description of the varnish, and in its composition.

Experts analyzed the composition of lacquers from 48 thousand manicure salons. Initially, it was assumed that the varnishes used in the salons do not contain any toxic components. However, it turned out that toxic substances in the preparations are still present, and many of them even are quite dangerous and can cause both congenital anomalies and acquired diseases - asthma, etc.

It was found that varnish coatings, which included components such as toluene, formaldehyde or dibutyl phthalate, posed a significant threat to the health of customers. No less can suffer and the masters of manicure: if a person deals with such drugs every day, he, without suspecting anything bad, exposes his health to serious danger. A huge number of harmful volatile compounds, especially in the absence of quality ventilation, can adversely affect the state of the respiratory system, cause the development of asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc. If you believe the statistics, as a result of poor airing of beauty salons, 121,000 cases of intoxication among cosmetologists .

Experts identified a number of recommendations, compliance with which will minimize the negative impact of manicure products on health.

  1. To establish the beauty of nails, you should use only quality and proven means. It is not recommended to trust cheap drugs, even if the seller claims that he himself uses such a varnish.
  2. Master-professional will not dry the gel varnish, using ultraviolet drying - this kind of exposure is considered very harmful. To date, more advanced LED lamps are being used.
  3. You can not stop drying the lamp ahead of schedule: not completely dried varnish negatively affects the condition of the nail plate, detoxifies and does not last long. The drying time of the varnish is specified by the manufacturer, and it must be followed.
  4. To remove the varnish, it is necessary to use the appropriate means: for ordinary varnish the usual "wash" is suitable, and for shellac - a special active compound is available.

When buying varnishes it is desirable to require the seller not only a certificate of quality, but also a detailed composition of the funds. As a rule, inexpensive coatings and counterfeits of Chinese manufacture can contain unsafe components. The most harmful formaldehyde is considered to be used as a preservative. This substance can cause the growth of tumor processes and the violation of the structure of internal organs. According to the European standard, the level of formaldehyde in varnish should not be higher than 0.2%. In our country, the content of a harmful agent in lacquers is not controlled in any way. Therefore, in this case, buyers - both masters and customers of salons - should be particularly vigilant.

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