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How to make the thinking process more productive

29 March 2017, 09:00

Scientists psychologists, analyzing the quality and speed of thinking of different people, came to interesting conclusions. For example, if you know all the subtleties of the thinking process, you can control it, and, consequently, manage your life. The specialists made a number of recommendations based on their observations. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the proposed recommendations.

  • Before making any decision, evaluate in what emotional state you are currently in.

The fact is that, in addition to mental activity, the human brain simultaneously carries out many processes. Therefore, the most correct and reasonable solution will be that which a person takes in a calm emotional state.

  • Do not make important decisions if circumstances weigh on you.

At a time when you need to solve something quickly and correctly, do not waste time analyzing your actions - either trust the first thought that came to your mind, or do not start any solutions at all.

  • When listening to your opponent, try to imagine an alternative.

What does this mean? If it seems to you that your interlocutor is lying, imagine that he speaks only the truth. Such a simple method often helps to really notice the indirect signs of both false and truthful utterances.

  • Doubt!

Experts advise to question all the allegations. But this does not mean that you have to engage in a squabble with the first counter. Just subject any "dogma" to a mental analysis - this will activate the thinking processes and help you personally better understand the opinions of others.

  • For a long time stand under the shower, or lie on the water.

Based on the results of the experiments, the specialists were convinced that the most optimal solutions to these or other problems were accepted by people precisely under such circumstances. The fact is that the water calms and activates the right hemisphere of the brain, and also removes all consequences of stress.

  • Periodically, work on the errors.

It is established that most successful people regularly focus on analyzing their mistakes. This is a vital process, during which brain cells acquire the skill of introspection.

  • Allow yourself to dream.

Sometimes (or better - as often as possible) do not think about the effectiveness of your thinking, but just calm down and dream. Scientists say that a dreamy process creates a maximum of activity in the brain structures, which allows us to form new thought connections. It is established that a person who can dream, in reality, is more able and productive.

  • Be decisive.

Often the ability of a person to make right decisions is affected not so much by his mind and experience, as by decisiveness. It is important to timely navigate the situation and choose the right way out of the situation - and most importantly, do not be afraid of wrong decisions.

  • Try not to think about many things at the same time.

Do not test your brain for "strength"! You should not think that you are not able to do everything at once, but for the final result it will be better if the thoughts do not get confused. Solve problems one by one - this way will become more productive.

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Medical expert editor

Portnov Alexey Alexandrovich

Education: Kiev National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets, Specialty - "General Medicine"

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