How to lose weight: this will help you breakfast from eggs

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Last reviewed: 16.05.2018

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15 May 2012, 10:20

Almost all of us can not wait to lose weight, with a minimum of diligence. As it turned out, it is possible to simplify this complex process by reducing the systematically emerging feeling of hunger in your body.

American scientists conducted research and found out how this can be done with the help of natural products and without compromising one's body. Employees of the Louisiana Institute (USA), insist that the eggs that we eat for breakfast, very well suppress the feeling of hunger.

Having eaten a couple of eggs for breakfast, you can easily survive until dinner, without resorting to numerous snacks.

To clarify their theory, researchers conducted a study in which 20 volunteers took part. Each morning, participants in the study ate 2 eggs or a very large plate of cereal flakes. A portion of cereal was selected in such a way that the number of calories in them was equated with the calorie content of the eggs.

Before dinner, all the volunteers recorded in the questionnaire the degree of sensation that they had had in their hunger, and donated their blood for research. People who ate eggs for breakfast had a lower level of ghrelin (a hormone of hunger) than those who ate grain products. The hormone PYY, responsible for the feeling of satiety, in these people, on the contrary, was developed in a larger amount.

Researchers think that the protein contained in the eggs makes it possible for a person to feel much longer full. The protein contained in cereals, this quality has a lesser extent. Therefore, to reduce weight, nutritionists advise everyone who follows their own figure to pay attention not to the amount of proteins entering the body, but to their variety.


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