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26 May 2012, 17:07

Caloric content of the product and its satiety are concepts that do not always coincide. To nutritionists such a paradox is well known!

It is believed that of all the representatives of the weaker sex living on Earth, only one percent is those lucky ones who do not need to especially care about keeping the weight in check. Already from birth, their metabolism is such that you can cake the cake at half past three, - and still not get better. All the rest need to keep a watchful eye on the contents of plates, especially after 30, when metabolic processes slow down, and treacherous fat is delayed in unnecessary places too quickly.

Of course, there are diets and sports. However, even this kit is sometimes not enough. Or there is not enough time. And it is not always possible.

Therefore today our conversation is about those food products that benefit the body, give it the necessary energy and at the same time - oh, a miracle! - Do not let the hunger wake up ahead of time and command you.

So, what brings a blissful feeling of satiety (for a long time, mind you!) And does not "load" the body with calories?

  • Potatoes (161 calories in one medium-sized potato)

Potatoes - the most satisfying product: even the bread by the sensation of satiety potatoes outnumber 3 times. The main thing is not to mix it with meat and fatty sauces.

  • Low-fat meat, fish, legumes

Everything, as for selection, protein products. Proteins are consumed by the body without a residue: most of it is sent for the replacement of protein molecules in cells and tissues (plastic function), the smaller part for energy needs.

  • Oranges (59 calories in one fruit)

In the list of 38 nutritious foods, which was compiled by Australian experts in the field of dietetics, oranges occupy the first place among all fruits and citrus fruits. And all - thanks to the fiber contained in them.

  • Macaroni from durum wheat (172 calories per serving 50 gr)

On the useful properties of such pasta, as well as how you can lose weight with their help, read here.

  • Eggs (78 calories each)

In eggs, there are many protein compounds that help saturation. Eating one egg for breakfast, you significantly reduce your appetite for the following time and do not add to your stocks an extra 330 calories.

  • Black chocolate (170 calories per 28 g)

It effectively slows the digestive process: approximately a quarter of a 100-gram chocolate bar will help you eat much less other foods, including carbohydrate sweets, as well as salty and fatty foods.

  • Soft cheese varieties (76 calories per 28 gr)

Fresh goat cheese or any other type of "feta" contains concentrated linoleic acid that promotes satiety and, in addition, helps the burning of fats in the body. Processed curds also contain it in fairly large quantities, but you do not need to eat more than one cheese cake at a time.

  • Low-fat milk (86 calories in one glass)

Proteins contained in milk (for example, casein), perfectly saturate, and, in addition, the milk still contains concentrated linoleic acid.

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