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Electronic cigarettes are popular not only among smokers

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 20.05.2018
07 July 2016, 11:45

According to scientists, over the past couple of years, the number of people who tried electronic cigarettes has significantly increased. A large-scale study was conducted by specialists from Imperial College (London) who found that in the UK every 6 people uses electronic cigarettes, in percentage terms it is 15% whereas 2 years ago only 8% of the population used such cigarettes.

Smoking is a dangerous habit for life and health and an electronic cigarette is considered one of the most effective methods of combating it. But today, doctors express concern that electronic cigarettes are not used by people who want to quit, but quite the contrary - among youth, an electronic cigarette is used as a fashion element. Despite the fact that the experts recognized the electronic cigarette as safer than usual, the fact of its use by people who have never smoked in their lives raises real concerns. According to experts, young people can easily switch from an electronic cigarette to ordinary tobacco products, deliberately damaging their own health, in addition, getting rid of nicotine dependence afterwards is quite difficult.

According to a new study, electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular among Europeans and scientists suggest that at least 1 person living in Europe, out of 10, tried an electronic cigarette, and many continue to smoke them to maintain their image. 

In the Imperial College, experts emphasize that electronic cigarettes and their effect on human health have not been adequately studied, and many diseases associated with the use of these "fashion" devices can only be manifested in decades.

According to experts, research on the effects of electronic cigarettes on the body of not only the person who smokes, but also others, was not enough and the consequences can be the most unpredictable. Short-term studies in this field have shown that there is a health risk from an electronic cigarette, but what will the long-term effects be, no one can say for sure. But still many are willing to take risks, especially non-smokers. As a result, it turns out that the device, originally conceived as a means of getting rid of smoking, now contribute to the development of addiction.

But, despite warnings, the number of users with electronic cigarettes continues to increase in the world, only in the UK the number of "electronic smokers" has doubled. Therefore, scientists are urged to immediately begin work on the study of the effects of electronic cigarettes on the human body.

In their report, British scientists have suggested that the health consequences of smoking electronic cigarettes will be more severe, compared to conventional tobacco products.

Around the electronic cigarette is a lot of controversy, for example, the public health organization Public Health England recognized the electronic cigarette is 20 times less harmful than conventional cigarettes, but WHO and experts from the school of hygiene in London, Liverpool University do not agree with this and the issue of the safety of electronic cigarettes remains open.  

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