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30 June 2012, 16:21

As you know, progress does not stand still. Among the latest achievements of mankind in the field of contraception are chemical vaginal globules, gramicidin paste, etc. However, despite all the know-how, the sales leaders still remain condoms. These products are reliable and familiar, but, if desired, a condom can also be surprised.

1. Edible Condoms

They contain neither latex nor aromatic greases. For sex, these products, of course, are not suitable, but such culinary works can diversify the intimate life.

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2. Luminous condoms

These models of the product "№ 5" are used for their intended purpose, although in total darkness such condoms can serve as a flashlight. They begin to glow after 30 seconds after contact with the air. Phosphoric pigment is contained in the middle layer of the condom. The upper and lower are ordinary latex.


3. "Condoms on garters"

This model helps to cope with trembling in the hands, lack of lighting, general excessive excitation or, conversely, excessive fatigue, which can overtake a man at the culmination of a stormy night. It was invented by an American carpenter who himself had repeatedly faced such problems. Condoms on garters diverge in the US in millions of copies. In Russia, these products are not yet sold, but if you want, you can make your own ribbons.

4. Latex Lotion

Sex will be safe if you apply lotion to the penis and let it dry for a couple of seconds. The advantage of this tool is that it will suit any man regardless of the size of his genital organ. It was developed by the Germans.

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5. Super condoms

About the people with non-standard sizes of the member took care and the British. Employees of the company TheyFit 15 years worked on the creation of super condoms, and finally they succeeded. Now, young people who choose safe sex for themselves are offered to download a dimensional table of sexual members and print a centimeter, which is also on the website of the condom manufacturer. After all the necessary manipulations are carried out, the man can only find in the table his size and the corresponding product number from 95 different variants.

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