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A child without sex or children "to order"

28 April 2016, 09:00

A natural way to continue life, namely, sex - physiological act in which the male sperm fertilizes the female egg, will soon replace the completely different procedure, ie to conceive a baby people do not have sex. Such an assumption is made geneticist Henk Grili, a Stanford University professor. According to him, in the future people will be able to choose the gender, facial features, the nature of the future baby, and this approach to fertility would be considered quite normal in just a couple of decades. Advantage of this approach is that changes in the genome of the embryo will remove hereditary pathology.

Professor Greely said that the creation of children require only the mother cells of the skin to obtain genetic material, based on which will be created the egg and sperm of his father for fertilization. The new method will receive hundreds of embryos and parents will be able to choose among them "the very" kid.

We can say that on the one hand humanity has reached a level of development, to create children "to order", but according to experts Greeley currently have insufficient "baggage" of theoretical knowledge to the practice of creating "custom-made" children began to be widely used, but it is only a matter of time.

Giving birth without sex may seem unrealistic or even utopian idea, but this topic has stirred up controversy with serious and in various publications have discussed issues relating to ethical concerns, in particular, whether it is possible to interfere with the DNA of the embryo, to deliver the offspring of hereditary pathologies. Many experts advocate Hank Greely, but still there are those who condemn such experiments with "nature". But be that as it may, the US already allowed experiments with the genes in the course of which are children from three parents - chondriosomes abnormal embryos are replaced by the donor (the third person), and in the UK a similar procedure has already legalized.

It should be noted that similar experiments are common, for example, those skilled in China were grown in vitro completely suitable to main sperm function. Chinese experts study can be considered a real breakthrough in the field of reproductive health. The experiment was conducted by a team of scientists from Nanjing Medical University and the Beijing Academy of Science. As a basis, scientists have treated cytokine stem cells of embryos and their impact on the androgen, resulting in an artificial sperm with a complete haploid set of chromosomes. Experiments on mice have shown that female mice, fertilized with sperm grown in the laboratory successfully conceived, carried and in time gave birth to healthy offspring, which confirms the suitability of artificial sperm.

Chinese experts are going to repeat their study in order to eliminate errors and confirm the effectiveness of artificial sperm. If further experiments show the same results in the future to continue the human race participation of men do not need it.

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