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Alternative medicine can significantly damage health

16 December 2014, 09:00

Despite the achievements of modern medicine, some people continue to be treated with alternative medicine, and even with serious and life-threatening diseases, for example, with cancers. In most cases, doctors do not mind that their patients use non-traditional methods of treatment, but on condition that they fully comply with all the prescriptions and recommendations of the attending physician. In addition, there are some plants that increase the effectiveness of cancer therapy, for example, the main component of hemp Tetrahydrocannabinol, which contributes to the death of cancer cells in the brain in rodents.

As one of the latest studies has shown, most non-traditional medicine uses fish oil and ginger, however, these products can damage the body in cancerous tumors.

According to experts, these products also have an impact on the work of medicines.

The study carried out at the Cancer Center showed the effect of 10 drugs used in alternative medicine - coenzyme Q10, milk thistle, lactobacilli, green tea, licorice, astragalus, fish oil, turmeric, ginger, Reishi mushroom. According to the research data in small concentrations, all products are not harmful, but sometimes too high doses of substances are added to food additives.

Experts have found that all these products can enhance the effect of chemotherapy, making the treatment process more toxic, or, conversely, significantly reduce the effectiveness of drugs.

It is also worth noting that methods of non-traditional treatment also affect the effectiveness of radiation therapy. In addition, experts argue that each type of cancer has its own specific properties, in addition, one should take into account the individual characteristics of the body, so it is not possible to find a universal remedy for the disease, and herbal products recommended by alternative medicine are not always safe for health.

Recently, methods of alternative medicine are becoming increasingly popular. For example, in Peru, local residents, despite the warnings of physicians, widely use one method, which, in their opinion, allows not only to get rid of many diseases, but also to strengthen health. The miracle method is fresh juice from a frog.

The specialists do not have data that would confirm the effectiveness of such a drug, but Peruvians treat it with a decrease in sexual desire, asthma, tuberculosis, depression, low hemoglobin, bronchitis, diseases of the bones, brain, improve performance, etc.

To prepare medicinal juice, a live frog of the species Telmatobius culeus is required. The frog is killed, the skin peeled off of it and ground in a blender with the addition of a small amount of water from Lake Titicaca. To taste in a medicinal cocktail you can add honey, carrots, Peruvian roots of poppies and other useful ingredients. The result is a greenish drink, which is accepted as an adult, yet small children. The drug cocktail is very popular among Peruvians, despite the fact that experts do not recommend using this mixture.

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