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The acne vaccine will soon become public

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 30.05.2018
11 April 2017, 09:00

Acne on the face is an eternal problem for many people. However, soon anyone can get a vaccine against acne: more recently, scientists from the University of California have completed an experiment to create a vaccine against acne. According to experts, soon such a vaccine will become an ordinary drug in many clinical institutions.

Steering researcher Eric K. Juan explained that the work on the miracle vaccine has been going on for many years, but scientists were able to approach the final stage only now.

"Acne rash in most cases is caused by pathogenic microorganisms such as propionic acid bacteria: they contain many proteins and live in the human body in large numbers. Their toxicity is not always manifested - but only under special favorable conditions, "says Eric K. Juan.

Acne is formed on the face due to occlusion of the output sebaceous ducts. Such circumstances are favorable for propionic acid bacteria - their active growth and reproduction lead to the development of an inflammatory reaction. At this point, the immune defense of the organism is activated: the pathogenic flora perishes, but a purulent process is formed inside the sebaceous ducts - this is the pimple. Developers of the vaccine point to the fact that acne is a very problematic and often occurring disease. Only among Americans from acne suffer not less than 50 million people.

Medical experts note that per se propionic acid bacteria themselves do not pose a threat to the human body. However, in the course of their vital activity, they produce toxic protein, which negatively affects the course of the inflammatory reaction, aggravating the pathological processes in the pores of the skin. The new vaccine is designed to neutralize this protein: scientists have been able to detect specific antibodies capable of preventing a negative response of the skin to the toxic effect of the protein substance.

Researchers have told that testing of a new preparation on experimental rodents has come to the end with expected success. The next stage should be a test on people recruited for research on a voluntary basis. It may take about two years for the final test of the vaccine.

Nevertheless, the scientists expressed their confidence that during these two years the point will be put in the age-old question of combating acne eruptions. After all, in order to get rid of acne, it often required a long and complicated treatment - to start the patient was examined from an endocrinologist, from a gastroenterologist, then he passed tests for hormonal status, and only after that the doctor prescribed certain medications. Along with external means, the action was used from the inside - sometimes it was anti-inflammatory drugs, and sometimes hormonal. If the specialists succeed, finally, to solve the problem with the vaccine against acne, then the need for such a long treatment will immediately disappear.

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