9 habits of a healthy family

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07 October 2012, 09:26

Our habits greatly influence the quality of our life, they can make us happy and unhappy, both healthy and weak.

We want to share with you good habits that will help to keep all family members healthy and happy.

Not to starve

Do not starve yourself and try to always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time. Nutritionists say that if you do not eat regularly and skip meals without raising the level of ghrelin, the hormone of hunger, then you will greedily attack the food and good in it a little. To increase the level of ghrelin, it takes about half an hour, and in these 30 minutes, as a rule, a person eats a lot of extra calories. So try to make regular meals with your unshakable rule.

Breakfast and lunch are mandatory

These are obligatory meals, which give strength and energy for the whole day, so it is desirable that breakfast and lunch to the maximum were saturated and nutritious. However, do not forget that cakes and cakes for breakfast - a bad idea. The best start to the day is a bowl of oatmeal. If it is not nice to you from childhood, then try to diversify this dish with fruit, nuts or vice versa, cook it in a salty form. The same goes for lunch, sandwiches are not the best option, it's better to eat a bowl of soup.

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Physical activity at home

Most busy people can not find the time to practice in the gym, so you need to look for an alternative, especially if you have a sedentary job. There is a way out - do it at home or if possible at work. Only 20 minutes per day and very simple exercises, for example, jumping rope, elementary warm-up and push-ups.

Product selection

If you prepare a list of necessary products in advance, you can save a lot of time in the supermarket and reduce the risk of unnecessary products. Walking past the shelves with colorful packages, you want to buy everything at once, and despite the fact that we stop ourselves, hands and reach for the liver, chocolates or chips. If they came to the store with the child, it is a guarantee that there will be something delicious in the food basket, but not at all useful for health. So try to unlearn the habit of going shopping and remembering what you need to buy, plan it at home.

Dinner every evening

It is desirable in the family circle where you can share the impressions received for the day, listen to the children and just have a good evening. According to psychologists, joint meals, whether dinner, lunch or breakfast, strengthen family relationships and create emotional harmony between family members.

Joint pastime

If there is no time to actively rest on weekdays, then try to be sure to choose your family on weekends for nature or just for a walk. This will allow you to relax from everyday worries and will allow you to relax in the company of close people.

Wish each other good night

If the house has small children, then get in the habit of reading a fairy tale for them at night. Adolescent children also need parental attention and participation. Talk with your son or daughter, maybe the child will want to share with you their problems.

Before bedtime

Ventilate the room in which you sleep, because stuffiness can cause sleep disturbances and in the morning a sleepless night is reflected on your face. If you can not fall asleep, then you better take something to read, it will relax and drive away unnecessary thoughts.

Qualitative sex

Psychologists say that regular sex adds a person three years of life, and in addition, is the key to strong family relationships.

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