Wireless technologies can threaten the health of people and especially children

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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24 May 2011, 20:36

The Council of Europe believes that wireless technologies can threaten the health of people and especially children.

Wireless technologies include mobile phones, wireless Internet access technologies WI-FI, child tracking systems and others. The Committee's report notes that one should not step on the old rake (as happened with asbestos, smoking and lead in gasoline) and neglect the dangers of wireless technologies.

Some scientists believe that there are no grounds for such measures, and that the level of radiation from wireless technologies is many times lower than the permissible standards. However, do the effective standards really take into account all the effects of electromagnetic radiation?

At present, the norms of electromagnetic effects are determined from the thermal radiation. At a time when the electromagnetic wave affects the tissues of the body, the energy becomes thermal.

By the amount of radiated heat and judged on the effect on the body. However, this is hardly enough for evaluation. After all, the effects from radiation can be manifested at the cellular, molecular or more subtle level. And it can be significant changes. The current norms do not take this into account.

If children have thinner bones of the skull, radiation is a great danger for children in the process of forming nervous tissue. Therefore, children should use a mobile phone or wireless technology only if necessary, and do not talk for long.

After the wave of parental protest against WI-FI access points in the UK passed, wireless technologies were abolished in schools. After that, according to the parents' statement, the children's well-being improved.

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