Trans-isomeric fatty acids increase irritability and aggression

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Last reviewed: 17.04.2020

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15 March 2012, 09:24

Scientists from the United States demonstrated that food containing a large number of trans-isomers of fatty acids increases irritability and aggression.

A team of scientists led by Professor Beatrice Golomb of the San Diego School of Medicine, University of California, California, conducted a study involving about 1,000 men and women. Medics were interested in how many trans-isomers of fatty acids are consumed by the participants in the experiment. And with the help of special tests they revealed the peculiarities of people's behavior, including aggression, a tendency to conflict. Subjects also had to assess their own irritability and intolerance on a special scale. Personal qualities have been correlated with gender, age, education level, smoking and alcohol use.

After evaluating all the parameters, it turned out that a large number of trans-isomers of fatty acids in the diet increases the aggressiveness of people. And the use of harmful food is more associated with irritability and manifestations of aggression than other known risk factors for such behavior. For example, drinking alcohol and smoking.

Trans-isomers of fatty acids are found in many products. These are mainly industrial products, crackers, cookies, cakes, fried, margarine. Trans-isomers of fatty acids occur as a result of hydrogenation. At the same time unsaturated fats turn into solid fats at room temperature. Trans-isomers of fatty acids are extremely harmful to health. It is with their use associated increase in the level of harmful cholesterol, lipids in the blood, all kinds of metabolic disorders, insulin resistance, which is a risk factor for heart disease, obesity and diabetes. In addition, under the influence of trans fats, the body triggers the processes of oxidation and inflammation. But there is no benefit from these substances.

It should be noted that this is the first work of this kind. Therefore, other studies on this subject are required. However, if the authors' conclusions are confirmed, it should be recommended to exclude trans fats from the diet in schools, prisons. That is, where increased aggressiveness can lead to dangerous consequences for others.

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