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Smoking lowers the intelligence of men

13 April 2017, 09:00

Men who smoke, over the years lose the bulk of their intelligence, and suffer from memory impairment. British scientists came to such conclusions.

The study, conducted by scientists, demonstrated that men who smoke, with age, become stupider, unlike non-smokers.

Experts have processed data of almost seven thousand people - among them were both women and men (two thousand and five thousand, respectively). All surveyed volunteers are former office workers of state institutions. At the time of the experiment, the average age of the volunteers was in the range of 50 to 60 years.

Participants in the experiment underwent special testing to determine the level of development of their mental abilities. As a result, it was found that people who have such a bad habit, like smoking, have shown weaker results in terms of intellectual level and memory quality. Researchers have noticed that a certain age-related deterioration in cognitive thinking in humans is considered the norm. However, smokers men - and especially malicious smokers - this process was much faster.

It is noteworthy that such deterioration in the indicators was inherent only in the male part of the population - in women the level of intelligence was more stable. In addition, researchers drew attention to the fact that the level of mental capacity was lowered more rapidly in those men who have not parted with cigarettes for more than a decade. And regardless of whether they refused in the future from the addiction, or not.

A little earlier, scientists from the Johns Hopkins College of Medicine (Baltimore) made a statement that such a bad habit, like smoking, many times increases the risk of developing a stroke in humans. At the same time, it was stipulated that there is such a risk for passive smokers - for example, if one person smokes in the house, then all members of the family can suffer from this.

In addition, during other similar experiments, experts have proved the direct influence of smoking on the mutation processes of DNA, on the early mortality of young people, and on the health of subsequent generations of smoking parents.

According to statistics carried out by the World Health Organization, the damage to human health from smoking is so high that in the world every day every 5-7 seconds one person perishes from diseases caused by smoking. In general, the world loses about five million people every year because of smoking. If this trend continues, and people continue to indulge their bad habits, then in a few years this number will double - up to ten million people every year: such a disappointing forecast is made today by scientists. Unfortunately, almost all smokers realize that smoking is harmful, and the consequences of nicotine are in most cases irreversible. However, the overwhelming majority of people are not able to refuse another cigarette.

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Education: Kiev National Medical University. A.A. Bogomolets, Specialty - "General Medicine"

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