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Smehoterapiya heals the heart

01 April 2011, 16:09

Employees of the Society of Cardiovascular Surgeons of the United States argue that healthy laughter relieves stress and muscle tension, increases immunity and treats hypertension.

According to scientists, every time a person laughs in his body reduces excessive stress of the cardiovascular system for the next 45 minutes, blood circulation and elasticity of blood vessels improve. Experts remind that stress is considered one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases.

Doctors say that laughter lowers the level of stress hormones - cortisol and epinopril, - strengthening the background of hormones responsible for immunity. A good joke increases the presence of endorphins, which are naturally produced in neurons of the brain and have the ability to reduce pain and improve the emotional state.

Cardiologists, however, note that the prescribed laughter therapy works well in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle - physical activity, lack of excess weight and bad habits.

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