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Sensational discovery: scientists discovered a new continent

27 February 2017, 09:00

Geologists have proved the existence of yet another continent, which currently lies in the waters of the ocean and rises above it shores of New Zealand.

Continent, according to scientists, is a large surface of the earth, which was separated from Gondwana many millions of years ago (Gondwana - an ancient supercontinent of the southern hemisphere, which included Africa, Zealand, Australia, Antarctica, South America, Madagascar, India and Arabia ).

This news became public through the publication in the journal GSA.

Nick Mortimer, of the Institute of Geology and nuclear physics research Dyunedina (New Zealand), states that over the past decades experts have collected a lot of evidence, what is the continent belong to the New Zealand island.

Some scientists have even shared the view that the resulting opening is already separates the island and lie in the water element in the earth's surface is a separate continent. "We have analyzed all the evidence, and we can assert with absolute probability of the existence of" Zealander "continent".

In recent decades, specialists have done a lot of work that has allowed to break the conventional wisdom on the mainland face of the Earth. For example, not so long ago, geologists have confirmed the existence of an ancient supercontinental Maurizio zone (at the moment it is the location of Mauritius). This continent was subjected to natural erosion and gone many hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Island of New Zealand are different from the above example that their origin can not be explained either by volcanic or tectonic nature. Until this discovery of geographers allegedly included New Zealand in the Australian continent, which is the largest part of the supercontinent Gondwana.

Now, however, this theoretical assumption is considered a mistake. Zealand clearly belongs to another landscape plates, which had an area of not less than the Australian. Just at some point, this plate was plunged into the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Some of this information was confirmed by scientists of other countries: layers of sediment kontinentnoy cortex in New Zealand islands are unique and separate and significantly different from the structure of the Australian plate - that is, they were formed separately.

Presumably, ancient "Zealander" cooker at a certain time is cracking, which caused the slow immersion continent under water. The dimensions of this plate by approximately 94% higher than the visible parts of the New Zealand land and Caledonia, and are not less than 4.9 million square kilometers. Such data has published the publication of the Geological Society of America.

However, at present a large number of experts are skeptical about this discovery. Many demanded the surface and underwater relief images, measurements of geophysical fields, satellite photos to be able to evaluate the tectonic shape. In addition, it should be involved in an independent group of experts to further discussion on the opening of the regular Congress of geologists.

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