The salary of a woman depends on the age at which she gave birth

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Last reviewed: 16.05.2018

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06 May 2016, 09:00

Interestingly enough, researchers from the University of Washington came to the conclusion that scientists believe that the earlier a woman gives birth, the more likely she is to lose her income, which she could receive if she committed herself to a career. According to experts, to live in prosperity, women need to give birth after 30 years.

The new study was headed by Meng Ye Leung, during the course of the work the specialists analyzed the data on the health, social and economic status of women aged 25 to 60 living in Denmark, the goal of the scientists was to find out whether there is a correlation between the salary of a woman and the age in which she decided first time to become a mother. In the results, scientists found that, regardless of the level of education, women who became mothers under 30 years, in general, receive less.

It is worth noting that the Danish women scientists have chosen for a reason, in this country the most accurate data on the health of the entire population are collected. According to the research group Leung, if a woman gave birth to 25 years, it does not affect her average income or career opportunities, but in this case, she loses about 2 years, which could be spent promoting the career ladder, and therefore, and increase their income. To obtain such data, the scientists calculated the average annual salary of each woman, while long-term and short-term financial losses were taken into account. In addition, scientists provide other data: women with higher education who have become mothers under 28 years of age receive less during their entire life, compared to those women who gave birth after 30 years.

However, women who became mothers under 28 and who did not receive education ultimately catch up with the incomes of those who gave birth after 30, although at first they have a decline in incomes.

According to the researchers, the decision of a woman to postpone the joy of motherhood until the age of 31 or later will allow her to increase her financial status. Also, experts noted that IVF technology allows women to become mothers at a later age, so they can calmly devote themselves to work and increase their annual income, so that they can safely enjoy motherhood and not think about money.

Scientists are sure that this study will help women understand their priorities and plan their lives.

Today, many women postpone the birth of a child and devote themselves to a career, as more and more representatives of the fair sex believe that before deciding to have a baby it is necessary to "stand on your feet". However, a number of studies confirm that the later a woman first becomes a mother, the greater the likelihood of developing serious diseases, in particular oncology. Also, not the best way for women's health is the early birth. According to scientists, the optimal age for a woman, when it is worth considering the birth of the first child, is the period from 25 to 35 years, in which case after 40 years the woman will have better health, unlike those who decided to become a mother before the age of 24 such conclusions were made by specialists after studying the state of health of more than 3 thousand women).

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