Relieve Anxiety with Botox

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Last reviewed: 12.03.2022

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20 January 2022, 09:00

Botulinum toxin injections promote muscle relaxation in the injection area, and in general eliminate excessive anxiety and reduce the risk of developing depressive conditions.

What do we know about Botox, besides the fact that this specific drug is used to correct excessive sweating and eliminate expression lines? Meanwhile, botulinum toxin is a protein neurotoxic substance that is produced by bacterial microorganisms. According to scientists, this is one of the most toxic toxins. It blocks the release of neurotransmitters within the synapses between neurons and myocytes, which breaks the connection between the muscles and the nervous system. Nevertheless, Botox injections are successfully used by both cosmetologists and neuropathologists - primarily to relax individual muscle groups involved in the formation of mimic wrinkles, or in a state of deforming spasm.

Scientists are still studying the most likely side effects associated with the use of the drug. Side effects such as excessive muscle relaxation, inflammatory reactions are known, but most of these phenomena disappear on their own within a few weeks.

In their new study, experts representing the University of California, began to search for the beneficial properties of botulinum toxin. They conducted a series of experiments, the results of which were published in two articles on the pages of Scientific Reports. According to scientists, neurotoxin reduces the risk of developing a depressive state and successfully relieves anxiety.

In the course of the work, a large database was analyzed, which includes information about patients who have undergone a course of Botox injections and who have found certain side effects. Injections to these people were carried out in the face, neck, limbs - to relieve spasm. For comparison, a parallel was drawn with the second large group of patients who underwent similar treatment, but with other drugs. As a result, it was found that in people after Botox procedures, the degree of unmotivated anxiety decreased by about 25-70%. The researchers clarify that among the participants in the project work there were no people taking additional anxiolytics or antidepressants.

Since the injections were performed in different parts of the body, and at the same time, the anti-anxiety effect was noted in almost all patients, there is no doubt about the involvement of Botox. In addition, participants treated for spasms with other medications did not experience this anti-anxiety effect. It should be understood that further research on botulinum toxin and its effect on the human body cannot be avoided. It is quite possible that soon the remedy will be actively used as a psychotropic drug.

You can read more about the study on the NATURE page. 

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